pretty creative week

Since I have left a note here about 2 weeks ago, so much has happened.  We had been just in the midst of finalizing our new roof for the house, everything came to a screeching halt due to Florence. The School decided to close on Tuesday for the remainder of the week, the appointment I had in Charleston got canceled and the roof company thought it might be better to wait until the storm is over to put a new roof on our house, which I totally agree with.

So now after Florence has swept through, we just had a little mess in our yard, nothing major though, luckily, our daily lives are back to a normal flow. Dentist visits, music classes etc.

I did manage to finish the bunny wreath before the storm. And I think it turned out rather sweet.


During the storm I tried to work on the yin and yang socks, but I didn’t get very far. Guess my kiddo has to wait a little longer.

I did finish two wreath covers. One in black and one in bright colors. 41741853_10156415970246830_3831612690665570304_o



I also decided to try myself  at some painting. I have not done any painting in years, well besides the family tree wall painting on my hallway wall. At first I just dabbled around with some ideas. And then I came up with this. Quite colorful.



My friends birthday is coming up, well it is at the beginning of December, but she always wants hand knitted socks for her birthday and Christmas, so I better get going with her socks, they don’t knit up too quickly and google just told me that Christmas will be here in 97 days….. I have to ship them  before a certain date so they will get there on time, better hurry.  My friend is a very colorful person and her favorite color is orange, so that is what she will get. 42137728_10156427602626830_1801051611674443776_n

The funny thing is she has the same shoe size as I do so it is easy to knit. But her hubby and daughter wear the same size socks as well, so her stack always diminishes and she finds socks have immigrated to other drawers.

And yes I have started to work on some mice as well, at least one mouse is half done, and plenty of mice ears. 42199243_10156427617381830_6525709353184395264_n


Well that will be it for today. I hope I can show you some progress on my new mice wreath really soon.


It is time…..

for me to come back and share.

I know, it has been a year. The last 12 months have been quite a whirlwind. So much going on and nothing going on. It was much to learn the last year. In that time frame I totally lost my mojo for anything creative.  I did a few custom orders here and there. I did a lot of sewing for myself and my kiddos. It was a time to reflect and do some soul searching. Found a few new friends on the way, reconnected with some that I thought I had lost.

And I also spent some time planning our Summer trip to Germany. The last time we went home was in 2011, so quite some time ago. We had figured out places to stay, places we wanted to see and explore.

We had a great time and it was fun to see all the people and re-/ visit all the places.

I just looked back on my FB page to see what kind of projects I had going on around this time last year. Guess I was knitting a whole bunch of socks. Which I will pick up in a day or two again, because my friend in Germany always just wants socks for her birthday and for Christmas. So I make socks for her and stock up our own socks for the winter time. sock

I also made some gloves, a custom order. gloves

My daughter had asked me to make a guardian angel for one of her teachers, because she had a bad week. So I did.

guardian angel

This sock for my oldest still needs a partner, it’s half way done. Guess it will be finished before it gets cold here in South Carolina.


I got a request for another cute little cook mouse, that I finished and sent off on its way.


We spent a lot of time the last 12 months on Archery events. Our youngest had picked it up in School and enjoyed the new to her sports. I didn’t take my sock knitting needles with me too often during those events. But of course I had to make a archery mouse, which is now living in my kiddos room. archery

Then a few months ago there was this cute little bear, that was requested for a cut little boy.


I enjoyed making this bear, it was something new, bigger than my mice.

Then close to the end of the school year, I had made this little mouse for my kiddos Violin teacher.violinIt is still hanging in her office in school, I saw it last week when we went in for open house. Put a smile on my face.

And then there was this guy. He gave me a run for my money. I don’t know how many times I tried to get that triceratops right, I still have a few of the misshaped bodies laying around in the house. The final wreath has moss added to it, but I don’t think I have a picture of that. dino

And then there is this mouse, a giant compared to my little ones I usually make. Still cute.

girl mouse

And right now I am working on this guy. I still want to add some carrots and some flowers to the wreath. So far I got 3 carrots done, might make a few more and have not decided  on which flowers I want to make or what colors to use. bunny


So I guess, I was still creating quite a bit. It just didn’t feel like it for some reason.

I already have a few plans for some mouse family wreaths, that where requested while being in Germany. Those will all be gifts, can’t wait to get them started and pour my love into them.

First I have to sort through all our trip photos and get the special ones on the wall. Get back into the School rhythm and order all the supplies I need for my next projects.

I am happy to be back and wanting to share my progress with you guys, I did kind of miss the writing.





I had a little surprise ….

….for a Lady that has been in our life nearly every day, ever since we have moved to South Carolina.

She comes when it’s pouring, blowing or scorching heat. She brings our mail and sometimes some heavy packages.

She is such a sweet Lady. Usually around Christmas time I leave her a small something in the mailbox. Either a card, or some candy or gingerbread from Germany.

This year I had something else in mind.

So I contacted my wonderful creative miniature clay artist and asked if she could make me a little something for a mouse.  She was all in and started working on some mail.

This is what I had in my mail a little bit later. Funny, now that I think of it, my mail lady was delivering her mail for her mail mouse.


I still had a styrofoam heart wreath, so I covered that with some red knit and went on  to knit a little mouse.

I did a search online to see how the mail gets carried around in the US. So I found a picture of a mail carrier bag and did my best to make a replica of it for my little grey fellow.

And this is the end result. po

Ok, that  was a go.

Now on to attach the mouse to the wreath and figure out where and how to attach the bag to the mouse. postman

I tried a few different places, but was most happy with this one. And then came the fun part.

Spreading all the mail over the wreath.


Well, as I said in the beginning, it was going to be a Christmas present. But it is really difficult for me to hold on to something that I specially made for a person.  I just want to give it to them right then.

I held on to it for a few days, but today she parked her mail car in our driveway. I knew she was coming out with a package, so I walked towards her took our mail and a few packages and asked her to wait. So I ran back inside and gave her the wreath.

“oh thank you, you just made my day! This is so cute”  “Thank you” I said and “Merry Christmas, but I just couldn’t wait”

That made my day and satisfied this little crafters soul.

it would help to know my Physics….

So the last thing you saw was this


I think by now it’s safe to say that this will be a wreath with two trees, some sky and grass.

I then made a hammock, that I attached to the tree trunks. And went on to making the mouse and the accessories. I had to wait for the feedback from my kiddo on the teachers eyes. I like making my mice personal.


The hammock looked pretty comfy to me. I am one to spend a lot of time in my own hammock, enjoying the sounds of nature, soaking up the sun or reading a good book. Or sometimes just taking a nap.

What I didn’t take in account that the mouse would not have the same weight distribution as I did.

After I had finished up the mouse I sewed it to the hammock and picked the wreath up on it’s hanger.

Guess what???

Yes, the mouse did a flip and was hanging belly down!!! Sorry, I have no picture of that. I was just too frustrated with myself. Why didn’t it dawn on me, that the lightweight hammock would not hold the “heavy” mouse.

I had to ponder on that for a little and tried a few options.

I finally managed to find one that wouldn’t look too funny and awkward.

This morning I printed out some book covers and cut out little book pages and sewed the books together. I then glued them to the wreath.Hammock5

Attached my little tag and wrapped it up. Sat the kiddo down to write a little note for the teacher as soon we got back from School.

I hope the teacher gets to enjoy her Summer Break with some good books in a hammock.

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lots of green

remember this? ham


Over the last few days I worked with a lot of browns and greens, to add more definition to this wreath.

This is how it looks like, at the moment. ham4

I am not quite sure if I want to fill in some more leaves and leave the roots as they are.

In the meantime I will start on my mouse and on something else that will be added to this wreath. As well as some accessories that I still have to get started on. The good thing is, that it doesn’t have to be ready until the last day of School, so I have a little time to experiment and see how it is coming together and what I like best.

At the same time my yard is calling me, we need to get things planted, some bushes and grasses so our sand / yard doesn’t get washed away. But I am waiting on the people from 811 to spray their orange color so I know where the lines are, they are taking their sweet time though.

and then there was this…..what will this be?

while I was at it……  I mean, while I had my mouse supply out I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start on my youngest teacher gift, for the end of the year. Just finished the music teachers gift yesterday.

These are the wreaths I made last year for the teachers.

After my kiddo has the same teacher she had last year, I have to come up with something different.

She did love her wreath though and had it out in the hall as deco for a while.


So I found this ham2

and then I added a little bit of this


The end product for today is this


I still have to figure out how to add a few distinctive things, to make it more 3 dimensional, but that will happen the next few days.

At the same time I have to start on a mouse that will go on this wreath.

What do you think this will be?



the little virtuous

Oh my, I have been pushing the envelope on this one. I was procrastinating until the last minute.

My youngest started playing the violin around October last year. And in April they had their Spring concert, which was pretty good.  They had only been playing since 5 months and they played us the “Can Can” and “We will rock you”.

After this was the last year in Elementary School, I thought the wonderful music teacher would need a special “thank you gift”. So I put on my thinking cap. Contacted my miniature clay artist with a request for a violin.

I had it in my head for quite a while and I knew that the last lesson would be this Friday. Yesterday I finally started on the mouse. Just to get sidetracked this morning by my friend, who asked me to hang out with her a little bit. So I did, which I enjoyed. But I had to get back and finish my musician. I was expecting the violin late this afternoon in the mail.

So when the mail lady came in our street and stopped at our mailbox and unbuckled I was happy because I knew it had made it.

By this time my mouse was all knitted,  had all ears and eyes as well as the tail.

I am a little unhappy with my hot glue skills on this project. Guess I have to practice a little bit more.

This is the finished project for the Violin Teacher:

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It is all wrapped up and ready to be taken to School tomorrow. I sure hope the teacher will like the little virtuous.