Spotlight Friday: driving

Every morning when I come home from dropping my kids off at school, I need some time to cool down.  It is getting worse every morning. We live on a cul-de-sac, a  street with only 19 houses. So you can imagine, not a lot of traffic. But every morning this street turns into a circus. The reason why?

Ok, I made a little drawing so it is easier to visualize. There is a lot going on on that tiny little exit of ours.


Our street exits into the main street, 3 Schools are on this stretch. An Elementary School 3 min to your left, the Middle School right across and the High School 5 min to your right.

First of all it is hard to get out of our street to make a left to get to the Elementary School, there is constant traffic from left and right. Mind you it is a School zone, so everyone should be driving only 25 mph!! At the same time you have School buses  trying to enter the main road coming from the Middle School ( colored in yellow). We do have a Bus pick up right at our corner!

All still manageable until you have those cars coming in from the Middle School. I couldn’t fit that on the picture anymore. But there is two lanes coming out of there (top corner of picture) one lane going towards Elementary School and one towards High School. Usually the one to Elm. School goes faster, because all the main traffic is moving towards High School. So there are some people that think it might go faster if they turn left going towards Elm. School and then turn into our street to make u- turns or back up in peoples front yards etc. It’s a hell of a mess, so many close calls.  Mind you there are kids standing at the Bus pick up!

What does that mean for us trying to bring our kids to school making a left turn? Well we sit and wait…and wait…and wait…. and get horns blown at us, yelled at and not so nice finger signs because we are not moving. Which we can’t because there is constantly someone coming from Middle School trying to take a short cut through our street.

So when you see that there might be a chance of getting out you make a mad dash and hope that the oncoming traffic is doing 25 mph!!  Just the last two days I had a close call every morning.

So this brings me to drivers license and what is learned during driving school.

In Germany the first drivers license was issued to   Carl Benz  a German Ingenieur and Automobilpionier  in 1888.

In 1899 Chicago and New York City were the first locales to require testing before being allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

In those days the rules where fairly simple because there was not a lot of cars on the road.

1903 was the first time in Germany they demanded a test before receiving your drivers license. The first private Fahrschule (driving School)was opened 1904 in Aschaffenburg.

I don’t know how many hours of driving and how many hours of classes you have to have now in Germany. When I was working on my drivers license I had to go through 14 hours of theoretical classes with a test at the end. Then I had to get driving lessons, they where split up in

  • 5 Fahrstunden Überland  = 5 hours interurban
  • 4 Fahrstunden Autobahn  = 4 hours on the Highway
  • 3 Fahrstunden bei Dunkelheit = 3 hours at night

and I think my inner town driving was 12 hours at that time. Not all at once, usually 1 hour a time.

After that you had your theoretical test, if you passed that, you had to do the driving test.

The first year you got your drivers license  on probation.

Until 1958 women had to ask their husbands of fathers for permission to get a license.

I don’t know anything about how it is here in the US. We have one kid approaching, but I am not even going there yet.

This is what Wikipedia says:

The minimum age to obtain a restricted driver’s license in the United States varies from 14 years, three months in South Dakota to as high as 17 in New Jersey. In most states, with the exception of South Dakota, a graduated licensing law applies to newly licensed teenage drivers, going by names such as Provisional Driver, Junior Operator,Probationary Driver, or Intermediate License. These licenses restrict certain driving privileges, such as whether the new driver may carry passengers and if so how many, as well as setting a curfew for young drivers to be off the roads. For example, Utah drivers who are under 18 may not have other people outside the family in the car without a licensed driver 21 or older present for the first six months with a license. Unlike in some states of Australia and some provinces of Canada, however, graduated licensing laws do not require lowered speed limits, displaying of L and P plates, restrictions on towing a trailer or boat, or prohibitions on highway driving or operating high performance cars.

Drivers under 18 are usually required to attend a comprehensive driver’s education program either at their high school or a professional driving school and take a certain number of behind the wheel lessons with a certified driving instructor before applying for a license. Some states like New York also require new adult drivers to attend some form of driver’s education before applying for a license.[11]

However, in some states all newly licensed adult drivers may be on probation for a set amount of time (usually between six months and two years), during which traffic violations carry harsher penalties or mandatory suspensions that would not normally apply to experienced drivers.

So this brings me to searching for everything about driving:


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That is quite a collection I found on Zibbet. If you click on the individual picture you will get to the Artists shop.

And here you can find a lot of driving items on Etsy (<- this will take you to the treasury)

So stay safe my friends and enjoy your trips!


Spotlight Friday: witches, Wicca, druids

Growing up I loved reading “Asterix und Obelix“And my favorite character was Miraculix.4dc78163b33fa761c499b3410394bd35

Miraculix (fr. Panoramix) is the village’s druid in the series of Asterix, created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. He’s in all the albums. Miraculix may include cook the famousmagic potion that gives supernatural strength. However, he never lets Obelix drink because Obelix fell into a pot potion when he was young. 


I think I would fall into that category if I would of lived in the years between 1450 and 1750.  Why you may ask? I believe that nature is our pharmacy, it is there to heal our ailments. In the years before 1672 people still believed that as well and where seeking help from then called healers.  Even the monks planted medicinal herbs in their Abbey gardens. obertheres_klostergarten_02

It just took one person to die and rumors began, that the person was murdered for personal gain and that the healer was in league with the devil……..

The “which hunts” began

A witch-hunt is a search for people labelled “witches” or evidence of witchcraft, often involving moral panic[1] or mass hysteria.[2]


(burning pillar: a maid was burnt here as a witch in 1553)

That is scary that even now people still have to die over believes like this.

Witch-hunts were seen across early modern Europe, but the most significant area of witch-hunting in modern Europe is often considered to be central and southern Germany.[41] Germany was a late starter in terms of the numbers of trials, compared to other regions of Europe. Witch-hunts first appeared in large numbers in southern France and Switzerland during the 14th and 15th centuries. The peak years of witch-hunts in southwest Germany were from 1561 to 1670.[42] The first major persecution in Europe, when witches were caught, tried, convicted, and burned in the imperial lordship of Wiesensteig in southwestern Germany, is recorded in 1563 in a pamphlet called “True and Horrifying Deeds of 63 Witches”.[43] Witchcraft persecution spread to all areas of Europe, including Scotland and the northernmost periphery of Europe in Northern Norway. Learned European ideas about witchcraft, demonological ideas, strongly influenced the hunt of witches in the North.[44]


Yes I do understand, that there is a fine line. But isn’t there a fine line in everything in life?  Everything can be used for good or evil.

A lot of “nature healing” knowledge got lost through those which hunts. Usually daughters would go along with their mothers to learn the plants and their medicinal effect. But out of fear of being called a witch they had to go into hiding.

Nowadays there is a distinction between witches, there is white witchcraft:

White witch and good witch are qualifying terms in English used to distinguish practitioners of folk magic for benevolent purposes (i.e. white magic) from practitioners of malevolent witchcraft or black magic.[2] Related terms are “cunning-folk“, “witch doctor“, and the French devins-guérisseurs, “seer-healers”.

During the witch trials of Early Modern Europe, many practitioners of folk magic who did not see themselves as witches, but as healers or seers, were convicted of witchcraft (Éva Pócs‘ “sorcerer witches”): many English “witches” convicted of consorting with demons seem to have been cunning folk whose fairy familiars had been demonised,[3][4] and over half the accused witches in Hungary seem to have been healers.[5]

Some of the healers and diviners historically accused of witchcraft have considered themselves mediators between the mundane and spiritual worlds, roughly equivalent toshamans.[6] Such people described their contacts with fairies, spirits, or the dead, often involving out-of-body experiences and travelling through the realms of an “other-world”.[7]Beliefs of this nature are implied in the folklore of much of Europe, and were explicitly described by accused witches in central and southern Europe. Repeated themes include participation in processions of the dead or large feasts, often presided over by a female divinity who teaches magic and gives prophecies; and participation in battles against evil spirits, “vampires”, or “witches” to win fertility and prosperity for the community.[7]

And of course there is a dark side to it as well:

Black magic or dark magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes.[1] With respect to the left-hand path and right-hand path dichotomy, black magic is the malicious, left-hand counterpart of benevolent white magic. In modern times, some find that the definition of “black magic” has been convoluted by people who define magic or ritualistic practices that they disapprove of as “black magic”.[2]


I believe being a “witch” or better called like in the old days, a healer , is more of a live style that is in tune with nature and the people that surround you. Being aware of the waves between animals and humans alike, living without societies restraints. Witches can tap into their intuitions and into the energy that other people send out.

My believe is that these people are just more connected to Earth and life than others and pay more attention to these things.  Nothing to be afraid of.

Here is what I found on Zibbet, searching for witches, Wicca and druids:

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And these are my finds from Etsy:


I wish you a wonderful connected day !


Spotlight Friday: SNOW

I am so happy that I got to see a little bit of sunshine this morning when I dropped the kids off at School. By the time I come home the sun is just coming up in our back yard. And it was a nice warm sunrise. aufgang

Now, twenty minutes later it is all gone. Overcast and dreary. The Upstate already got some snow, we might see a little bit of sleet and some flurries over the next few days, there is a chance of snow as well. And do you know what this means for SC?  Everybody will run out to the stores to buy milk and bread, like there will be no tomorrow. I decide to stay home. Usually I go grocery shopping every two weeks and buy what I need for at least 14 days. Our freezer is normally full and the fridge fairly good stocked.

I miss the Winters I experienced living in Regen. Walking to School sometimes meant to be wet or having ice stuck to your clothes by the time you got there. One winter I remember that the snow was up to over my knees ( I am 5 ‘ 11″). But it was so silent, the sun was just coming up and everything looked so pretty. I had to walk about 20 min to School. That morning it took a little longer, the roads where not cleared yet and the little walkways I took had not been touched either. The air was crispy but so fresh, you could smell the snow.   When my Dad had a weekend off he would take the whole family to go cross country skiing .

This picture was taken in 84 or 85, on a Confirmation trip. I am the one with the back to you.  confi freizeit

I miss being able to do things like that here. But on the other hand I am glad that the winters here in SC are fairly short and uneventful.

A friend of mine from my teenager times in Regen is taking stunning pictures of the town and the life around her. I get to see places that I have long left and miss dearly. She is keeping my memories alive.

At the moment she is taking a lot of ice bubble pictures and I can’t decide which one is the prettiest. They are all so fascinating.


You can find more of her work right here . There is a section where you could order some calendars as well.


I just find snow fascinating, as how each snowflake is unique. How so many tiny creations can change a scenery into a Winter wonderland. How snow can muffle the sounds and make the surroundings a more quiet and peaceful place.

I remember walking through the woods during the winter times and breathing the crispy air, hearing the sound of the snow crunching under my shoes.

Then coming home with my cheeks all red, fingers and toes a little cold. Hanging my scarf and gloves over the radiator and making a nice warm cup of tea.


These are the items I found on Zibbet:  If you want to take a closer look at one, just click on the picture and it will take you to the right shop.

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Vintage 1940 Crochet Bedspreads Book 151 by ecoQuilter

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And then I found some more snow items on Etsy:


you can get a closer look if you go the the Etsy Treasury


Now I hope that I didn’t jinx myself by posting all those snow memories and items. I wouldn’t mind to get a bit of snow for the weekend. My kids love running around in the snow and build snowmen and slide down the hill.

Where ever you live, I hope you have a warm place to sit and  a warm cup of tea or coffee to warm up after enjoying some time outside.








Spotlight Friday: Bavaria is where my ♥ is

Last night I had a good laugh with my oldest.  She just came home from her step class. Stepping or step-dancing is a form of percussive dance in which the participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. I didn’t find a video of her School Step team,but there are plenty of videos of step teams on youtube if you’d like to take a look.

She loves it and was showing me the newest steps she had learned.They where really fast and I said ” you know what this reminds me off?”

Then I showed her a video like this

“wow” she said “I guess they have a lot in common.”

Living in Bavaria you still see people wear the Lederhosen and Dirndl quite often. To the Oktoberfest of course every Bavarian wears it, but also on weddings it is quite traditional to wear this outfit.

Yesterday I had just finished a mouse, guess what he was wearing? Bayer bub

1. Gott mit dir, du Land der Bayern,
deutsche Erde, Vaterland!
Über deinen weiten Gauen
ruhe Seine Segenshand!
|: Er behüte deine Fluren,
schirme deiner Städte Bau
Und erhalte dir die Farben
Seines Himmels, weiß und blau! :|

2. Gott mit dir, dem Bayernvolke,
dass wir, uns’rer Väter wert,
fest in Eintracht und in Frieden
bauen uns’res Glückes Herd!
|: Dass mit Deutschlands Bruderstämmen
einig uns ein jeder schau
und den alten Ruhm bewähre
unser Banner, weiß und blau!


Hymn of Bavaria

God be with you, ‘O land of the Bavarians,
German soil, homeland!1
His merciful hand
Rests upon your vast land! 2

He watches over your meadows,
Shields the homes of your cities, 3
And preserves for you the colors
Of his realm, white and blue! 4

God be with you, people of Bavaria,
That we, to our ancestors’ worth, 5
Sound in harmony and in peace,
Forge our own fortunes! 6

In the bonds of German fellowship7
That all may see us united
And to prove the glory of ages past
Our banner of white and blue!

The Bayernhymne (Hymn of Bavaria) is the official anthem of the Free State of Bavaria.

The melody of the song was written by Max Kunz in 1835. The text for the original first three stanzas was written by Michael Öchsner. Both men were members of the Bürger-Sänger-Zunft München (Citizen-Singers-Guild Munich), that first performed the song on December 15, 1860.

In 1946, the poet Joseph Maria Lutz wrote a new third stanza as a replacement for the Königsstrophe (King’s Stanza), since after theabdication of King Ludwig III in 1918, Bavaria has been without a king. He also replaced the Deutsche Erde (German soil) in the first stanza with Heimaterde (native soil).

In 1946, it was also officially recognised as the national anthem of Bavaria, and on July 29, 1966, the then prime minister of Bavaria,Alfons Goppel, chose the version written by Joseph Maria Lutz to be the official version.

In 1980, the Bavarian minister-president Franz Josef Strauß changed the official version to contain just the first two stanzas and switched Heimaterde back to Deutsche Erde, though the Heimaterde version is still widely used (for example, it was sung during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to his native Bavaria in 2006, who also joined in singing this version[1]).

The song, like most national anthems, contains many symbolic representations, including repeated allusions to the colours white and blue, Bavaria’s national colours, especially describing Bavaria’s Himmel, which can refer to both sky and heaven. The march Bayerischer Defiliermarsch is often played along the hymn.  (wikipedia)

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The individual picture will take you to the Zibbet shop, just click on it.
Bavaria is where my ♥ is

click here and it will take you to Etsy, where you can get a closer look at the items.

I hope you can enjoy some “weiss-blauen Himmel” (white blue sky) over the weekend, with a little humor.


Spotlight Friday: Firework

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and a marvelous start into this New Year. We are already 8 days into this year, a leap year. So one more day for more fun, family, projects and excitement.

Our “Rutsch” (slide) into the New Year was rather uneventful. We watched like every year “Dinner for one” In Germany,a tradition has taken form: every year on December 31st, TV networks broadcast an 18-minute-long black and white two-hander comedy skit.In 1963, Germany’s Norddeutscher Rundfunk television station recorded a sketch entitled Dinner For One, performed by the British comics Freddie Frinton and May Warden. The duo depicted an aging butler serving his aristocratic mistress, Miss Sophie, dinner on the occasion of her 90th birthday.Since its initial recording, the clip has become a New Year’s Eve staple in Germany.

Other than that, I tried to stay up until 12 but I didn’t make it. Even though people in this area where shooting fire works since 8 pm. I did not hear what was going on at 12.


The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China (time of the Tang Dynasty), where they were invented. The fireworks were used to accompany many festivities. It is thus a part of the culture of China and had its origin there; eventually it spread to other cultures and societies.

In ancient China, people believed that fire could disperse evil spirits. Sparks were a good omen, sound could frighten ghosts, and smoke could create a healthy atmosphere. Fireworks had universal appeal as they combined these three elements.

The export of fireworks began with Paozhuang, a private trading company, which had a main store and several branches. In the mid-1800’s, Paozhuang began to deal in fireworks, trading by land and sea, throughout Asia and as far as Europe.

A poem describing the role of fireworks in the New Year festival:

“The breaks of fireworks say goodbye to the last year,
Spring wind has brought warmth to Suzhou City”

A figurative poem of a fireworks devotion:

“Just for the applaud of common people
They tear themselves into pieces
Let their lives
Come down in multiple colours.”


Did you get to see the fireworks to ring in the New Year 2016?




Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Mickey Mouse head ears glitter with firework- Digital Iron on transfer by okprintables

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All these items can be found on Zibbet , if you click on the single picture then you will end up in the individual shop.

This is the Etsy Firewoks display (follow this link and it will take you to the Treasury, where you can get more detailed information)



So I hope everyone had a wonderful Start into the New Year and have big plans. All the Best for you!



To All!



I just wanted to swing by and wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas with your family and friends. I hope you can spend it at home.

Everyone that has to go to work , thank you for being there and holding up the fort. We celebrate Christmas Eve in our family. So usually hubby goes back to work on the 25th. This year he has early shift, has to get up around 2:30 am, so we will start celebrating a little earlier so we can spend the time together.

After the next two Fridays are falling on the Holidays this year, I decided to take a break from my blog and enjoy the time with my loved ones and some friends.


So I will be back in 2016!

this little mouse ...5


Spotlight Friday: The Fog

No, I am not talking about the fog, that has settled in my brain the last few weeks. The time is just slipping through my fingers and I wanted to slow down for the time during Advent. But guess what, it didn’t happen. I don’t know what went wrong this year.

I am talking about the weather. This year it has been unseasonable warm on the East coast. It does not feel like Winter at all, nor does it look like it around here.

In the Mornings though I love the mystical feeling when you walk out and can’t see nothing but the empty trees poking holes into the fog. Here and there a light from a car slicing through the thick puffy air.

This is the stuff that inspired great novels. This is the weather to read a good book, curl up on your couch and dive into the thick fog of mystery.

This morning when I was in the car with my oldest, she said “wow, look at this fog, it looks like the world just got swallowed over there. You can’t even see my School” And indeed it was so dense, that you barely saw your own hands in front of you. The cars coming towards us first looked like   creatures appearing out of nothing and the ones in front of us got swallowed by the big gray puff. It’s fun to let your imagination go wild and spin all kind of fun stories of what is going on in this foggy mist.

I love how fog swallows all the noise and makes the world a little bit more silent.

The Fog – Poem by Walterrean Salley

The fog is an illusion—
A master of disguise,
Which hides the tangible
Before our very eyes.

But when the fog has lifted
Everything’s still there,
And the tangible
Only seemed to’ve disappeared.

In the early morning
Or late at night,
The fog descends
Upon various sites.

It gives an air of mystery
That has long prevailed.
Dangerously intriguing
Is the fog’s foggy veil.

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fog grey cotton sailor knot rope bracelet by WhatKnotShop

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“Morning Fog”
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“Clamdiggers In The Fog” Giclee Paper Print by carolthompson

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Pines at Sunrise Grayton Beach State Park on the Florida Gulf Coast
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CLOUD 9 baby shoes in all-natural leather (grey)
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Silent Sentinel Porthole Vinyl Wall Decal
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Ghosts of Fisheries Past F8
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Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
I feel the flow towards the low I have to go – Moody and haunting foggy scene by shashamane

If you’d like to visit the individual Zibbet shop, then all you have to do is click on the item you like and it will take you there.

What does fog inspire in you?

to get to the Etsy Treasury , (<- click here)