still have tears rolling down my cheeks

I just watched the movie
I had never heard of it, just had read the little info you get on the TV and thought it sounds interesting and taped it. I was gone yesterday visiting a friend.
Had lots of fun and long discussions while hanging out with the bunch of “girls”.
So when I came back this afternoon I decided to watch this movie.
Wow, for a long time I haven’t seen a movie that can touch your heart like this. It’s the words the main actor speaks, the friendship he has with this other person.
I couldn’t help it, but I was only sniffling and wiping my nose by the end of the movie.
And the music was just soul touching. I will have to watch it again, when I have a moment of quiet and peace in this house.
Have you seen it? What did you think about it?


today I want to talk a little bit about Zibbet

you can not only buy on Zibbet, yes you can sell there also. There you have the possibility to get a basic account with lots of features or you can choose to go premium monthly for $ 9.95 or the better deal for $69 yearly.
I joined Zibbet in September 2010 and still discover new things every day.
What I really like is that you get the chance to have a peak into shop owner life through the blog on Zibbet. It is called INSPIRE  and that is exactly what it does, it inspires.
Those are the categories of the blog :

Meet Our Columnists

Judy Youngquest
Judy runs the ‘Fantastic Five‘ column where she features her favorite 5 Zibbet items every week. It’s a must read!

Vicki Schofield
Vicki runs the ‘Success On Zibbet‘ column where she covers all aspects of selling on Zibbet and having the most successful shop you can.

Those two lovely Ladies are a goldmine of information.

Vicki is the shop owner from LOCDesignStudio you will find wonderful handcrafted beaded Jewelry there. Also Vicki is the master mind behind this denimandpearls shop and if you are into needlework you will find her astitchandaprayer shop her.

Judy is the shop owner of PortableGraffiti where you can find a lot of buttons and mirrors.  Remember that she is the one with the Shop Banner Graphics I told you about a little while ago. But Judy does not stop there, she also has a shop called WildGooseChase where you can find all kinds of vintage stuff. And if she didn’t have enough to do all day, she also does proofreading .

So now I would like to invite you to get inspired

Have a wonderful Friday!

I was looking for some lotion with kukui nut oil

I was doing some searching in the net about what oils other countries use for different skin problems. I read about kukui nut oil . I found this page  and read about all the benefits from kukui nut oil. I wanted some more info and found it here.
My next try was Zibbet, hoping that someone would be there having kukui nut oil in their line.
I found MalamaBathBodyHome , they had just started on Zibbet. So I contacted Christian and he said that he was just making some batches and if I would be interested he will let me know when it is done and going in the shop. So I waited only a few days and then had a email in my inbox telling me it was ready.
I ordered the  Vanilla Deep Conditioning Cream. And it was here a few days after.
I tell you what this cream is AMAZING! And it smells great too. What I love most is that our skin absorbs it so quick and does not leave any film on your skin.
Pretty soon I will have to get another one.

mind boggeling

to me is that people think they can drive 70 mph on the highway and still try to text.
A few days ago while driving on the highway a pick up truck was driving in front of me in the left lane. He suddenly pulled all the way to the left. I was waiting for the sparks because he got really close to the middle concrete divider, still going 70 mph. I started backing off, was about to turn my emergency lights on. Then he suddenly pulled all the way over to the right nearly of the street. At the same time the three lanes where going to be two lanes, so I was thinking, where do I go to get past this guy. Before I could even finish that thought he was right in front of me again swerving of to the left again. “Is he drunk or is he having a heart attack?” I asked my hubby. Worried about if he did, how could we stop this car and get some help.
Off he was to the right again, nearly crashing in the the right line bounderies. When I finally got a chance to pass him he was driving in the right lane my hubby told me ” he is texting!!!”   What???
Well a few seconds later he was out on the grass on the right side and had stopped. He was so lucky that every one behind him was paying attention and had slowed down, that he did not run into anyone or got hurt himself. What does it take for people to understand that texting while driving is NOT safe!!!

a little Zen from my garden

I just got back from watering my neighbors garden and my flowers and veggies. We also did some flower budding, one of the Lavender plants already went through its first bloom. Then I saw a plant that I thought had not survived through this hard winter, it was blooming. So we decided to get the camera and take some pictures.

First we watched the bugs on our Lavender bushes infront of our house, there we saw a little Ladybug hanging out .
And then we took a picture to proof that the plant had made it through this very cold winter here.

I love strolling through vegitation and finding plants and bugs cooexisting. But we got ate up by the bug while taking the pictures so we decided to go back inside.
Enjoy your evening with what ever you like doing the most!

well I was planning on creating something for the ZBox

but my kids decided otherwise. I made those bracelets thinking that would be a cool thing for the ZBox, but little did I know that my kids liked them so much, grabbed them and ran.
Well, I made a few more and have two listed in my shop. I have some more, but still have to take pictures and list them.
I might still make some bracelets for Becky’s ZBoxes, maybe not with flowers? And I really have to get cracking on knitting some mice. I am a little behind. What threw me off was this hot weather that rolled over us. I can’t knit with a wool mix when it is so warm, cotton is fine. But the wool starts sticking and then the needles start squeaking and that gives me the goose bumps. The weather guy said it should cool down in a few days so hopefully I can get some mice knitting done then.