what banner should I use for my shop?

that was the question after I had opened my shop. I tried to do a few by myself and was not satisfied with the result. So I turned to Zibbet and found Judy from PortableGraffitiGraphics . I had a few pictures I knew I wanted to use but had not a clue what to do with them. I sent Judy those pictures. She then went to my shop and looked at the things I was selling. After a little back and for emailing and liking or not liking she came up with a wonderful result and also a great looking Avatar. The one you see above.

 A little later I went back to her shop and asked if she could design a business card for me. And of course Judy did a wonderful job again.  This is what she came up with. I had it printed from http://www.vista.com and had my business cards within a few weeks.  

Go and check Judys shop, she has banners, business cards, tags, logo designs and so much more. And she is a real fun and great person to work with. You will love her!
Thank you Judy for making my shop look so good!


8 thoughts on “what banner should I use for my shop?

  1. Ah, yes – Judy/Portable Graffiti is so super talented – I've asked her to create new Banner for Grandmother's House – and she is soooo patient in working with me…..stay tuned!Grandmother Carolyn


  2. Judy always come through for us. She did some amazing earring cards for me for my Woodcot Designs shop that are just perfect for shipping or for displaying my earrings when I have my home shop opened to the public. She is so quick and fun to work with. I love what she has done for Frauke… very attractive.


  3. When was this posted? I just discovered it. Thanks so much frauke and everyone. I just shared this post on my Facebook and told everyone to please follow your blog.Hugs, Judy


  4. three days ago Judy. You are more than welcome. I just wanted to share my wonderful experience I had so far with Zibbet shop owners.!♥♥


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