never met, but dear to my heart

she is the owner of BaubleBin on Zibbet. Faye is the one that gave me the virtual “butt kick” to create more to have more items in my store.  She is from across the Boarder and sells jewelery supply. I don’t need any beads right now, but I still love browsing her stores.

Where I love browsing even more is her WoodcotDesigns store on Zibbet. There you can find wonderful Earring’s, bracelets and necklaces.  From simple, to elegant to hip or romantic go and take a look, maybe you will find something you didn’t know you where looking for. This one is one of my favorite necklaces she has.

You will not find very much jewelry on me, for right now only a little nose ring. But I could think about getting this wonderful ankle bracelet. I am into natural earth tone colors , even though my most favorite color is deep purple, aubergine.  I do wear earrings occasionally. I did before I had kids, stopped when they where little and kept pulling on my ears. I really need to get back wearing more of them again. Especially if they are so stunning  like these above.

If you would like to follow her on FB , you can find Faye right here.


2 thoughts on “never met, but dear to my heart

  1. Oh, what a nice writing for Faye/BaubleBin/Woodcott – she IS a butt-kicker, isn't she? Love the earrings, colors are soothing. Thanks, Frauke, for this little insight into our dear friend, Faye!


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