still cofused about Doctors actions

yesterday I went to the Doctors office with my little one to get a referral to an Allergist. My daughter has Eczema since birth. It was mild until this year. I was hoping to get a referral so we can find out if there is any food or plants or chemicals that are triggering her outbreaks.
I did not expect a reaction like that from a Doctor. First of all she didn’t even look at my daughters skin, she just asked where the rashes are. She didn’t want to know how they look or if they are infected. Then she wanted to know what I am here for. So I told her that I would like to have my kid tested for allergies so we can try to avoid and get better. “What do you want to do this for? You will not find out what causes this anyway. A lot of people have Allergies.” was her respond. I told her how we manage through the day, moisturize, lots of water, oatmeal or dead sea salt baths. Lately those baths also happened during the night, because she kept scratching.
On our trip I used Hydro cortisone one night, because she wouldn’t stop. But it didn’t help. I told the Doc that and her answer to that was “well I can give you a higher dosed cortisone, and give her Benadryl for night times to sleep, I’ll just put this down for you.” And some other things she mumbled about giving her, that might make her drowsy.   
What????? my kids is only 5 and I am going to do everything I can that we do not have to use any of those meds if possible and all she is doing is writing out more of that stuff.  I was visibly getting upset, so she said, well ok I will give you a referral but I doubt you will find something. 
The late night or in the middle of the night baths seem to calm my little one down, but it is taking a toll on all of us. I just read about some wraps with viscopaste , I think that would be something worth a try. But for right now I will wait on the referral and then get her tested. As for the Doctor, that was the last time I went there with my daughter. I immediately asked our healthcare provider to find us a new Doc.


6 thoughts on “still cofused about Doctors actions

  1. I sometimes wonder why a Doctor with that attitude continues to practice! Sounds like someone forced her to go to medical school when all she wanted to do was marry a rich man and live like a princess.


  2. my grandson in New York is 6 and has severe allergies, has been to many Drs.., right now my daughter in law told me she is giving him fish oil, google it and see what you think, she has seen a big improvement in his skin, like within days of starting it! Hope you get the referral so she can be more comfortable..pretzels, which Gavin just loves, seem to make it really worse…trial and error, has taught them more than the DRS have!


  3. Thank you "Barefootin'inSC" …smiles…We have been finding out a lot through trial and error too. A lot of Dr.don't know to much about Eczema, has not been researched enough.The problem is there are so many different variations and everybody reacts different. So what helps one person doesn't do a thing for the next person. But the thing is, we had pretty much narrowed it down to what she reacted… it changed or something new came to it. We have not changed our eating habit so I am guessing it is something else that is making her itch. I know that we might not ever find everything that starts her outbreaks, but we can at least eliminate Pollens etc if she was tested. I got a call this morning that she has an appointment on the 25th. So we will see the outcome and go from there.


  4. I feel your daughters pain with the waking up in the middle of the night scratching yourself raw 😦 I have had many occasions with this. When I did an allergy test it turned out I was allergic to dustmites. Which is a bit of a downer because they are in pretty much everything! Luckily though I seem to have grown out of the bad allergy part and only get general itches every now and again. I hope you can work out what the problem is! That Doctor sounded awful. There is nothing worse then a doctor that doesn't really care about their patients and shoves a prescription at you without even considering any other alternatives (then another prescription to mask side effects of ones they give you). Good luck on the appointment!


  5. Thanks for the support!! I have it very mildly and with me it breaks out when I eat too much chocolate and have to much stress.We got an appointment for the 25th of this month. So we will see if there are any results.I am all for medication when it is needed and nothing else would help. But I would rather get to the root of this and avoid the triggers than to mask everything and not think about what side effects those meds have.


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