what is this mysterious ZBox?

I read a lot about this Zbox in the Zibbet Community and on the FB Zibbet Group . So I got curios.
What is a Zbox? I wanted to see for my self so I ordered one here .

And it was like Christmas opening this box!!! So many nice things and coupons in there. You just have to see for yourself!!!
This is the info you can find in the Zibbet shop :

Welcome to Z Box ! THE place to get a wonderful mix of “samples” from the awesome Artists and Crafters of Zibbet!
Once a month we all get together some of our items and put them into one place for you to buy! The VALUE of Z Box is unparalelled !
You will find all kinds of great things in Z Box, and they will change monthly so come back monthly!You may find jewelry, candles, soaps,little works of Art, crocheted items, etc, etc…..
To see who and what is in Z Box please go to Http://www.facebook.com/samplezbox and “like” us while you are there to stay up to date on Z Box.
To see more on various Zibbet shops and find some very uniques shops please go Http://www.zibbeters.blogspot.com you can also follow this blog to keep a fresh supply of Zibbet shops coming at you!

After a little brain bending I came up with an idea, how I could send in something small to get the word out about my shop, little knitted socks, for a chap stick or lipstick or what else you lose in your purse or pockets.
So I sat down and started knitting a bunch of little socks before we went on vacation and sent them off to Becky. That reminds me…. I have to make some more… the 15th of next month is coming around quick.


5 thoughts on “what is this mysterious ZBox?

  1. I'm glad you thought of the chap stick holders, because I've been searching for something to keep my lip balm close at hand for a long time.


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