what is a "toekini"…

…. I asked myself after hearing it the first time. To find out it is a fun accessorie  for the summer time. And I had just the right person who “needed” one.
I got introduced to the toekini’s on FB and I was eager to find out what this was.
So follow me and let me show you where I found them .

Yes it is for people who don’t like wearing shoes, but still want to  look “dressed” or just want to have fun.

My neighbor runs around with out shoes as soon it is a tid bit of warm and until it is almost to cold to go out without boots. She was sitting my cat while we where gone for vacation and I needed a little thank you gift. And this is what I got her.   Well she loves them and would wear them all day, but she is a teacher and has to wear shoes at work, but as soon as she gets home she changes into toekinis!
 Raige Creations has many other wonderful creations in her shop.
You can also find her on FB or follow her blog .


4 thoughts on “what is a "toekini"…

  1. Thank you so much for featuring Raige's Toekini's! I wore mine all weekend, with my flip flops and then with my sandals. They added so much to the flip flops, I will be wearing them every time I put on my flip flops or sandals!New ones will be added this week with the warm weather in the forecast. 🙂


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