well I was planning on creating something for the ZBox

but my kids decided otherwise. I made those bracelets thinking that would be a cool thing for the ZBox, but little did I know that my kids liked them so much, grabbed them and ran.
Well, I made a few more and have two listed in my shop. I have some more, but still have to take pictures and list them.
I might still make some bracelets for Becky’s ZBoxes, maybe not with flowers? And I really have to get cracking on knitting some mice. I am a little behind. What threw me off was this hot weather that rolled over us. I can’t knit with a wool mix when it is so warm, cotton is fine. But the wool starts sticking and then the needles start squeaking and that gives me the goose bumps. The weather guy said it should cool down in a few days so hopefully I can get some mice knitting done then.


Thanks for your comments!

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