I was looking for some lotion with kukui nut oil

I was doing some searching in the net about what oils other countries use for different skin problems. I read about kukui nut oil . I found this page  and read about all the benefits from kukui nut oil. I wanted some more info and found it here.
My next try was Zibbet, hoping that someone would be there having kukui nut oil in their line.
I found MalamaBathBodyHome , they had just started on Zibbet. So I contacted Christian and he said that he was just making some batches and if I would be interested he will let me know when it is done and going in the shop. So I waited only a few days and then had a email in my inbox telling me it was ready.
I ordered the  Vanilla Deep Conditioning Cream. And it was here a few days after.
I tell you what this cream is AMAZING! And it smells great too. What I love most is that our skin absorbs it so quick and does not leave any film on your skin.
Pretty soon I will have to get another one.


2 thoughts on “I was looking for some lotion with kukui nut oil

  1. Sounds wonderful and so happy your research paid off so well. I tell you… all we have to do it reach out to the Zibbet community and someone will always respond with a solution. Faye


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