mind boggeling

to me is that people think they can drive 70 mph on the highway and still try to text.
A few days ago while driving on the highway a pick up truck was driving in front of me in the left lane. He suddenly pulled all the way to the left. I was waiting for the sparks because he got really close to the middle concrete divider, still going 70 mph. I started backing off, was about to turn my emergency lights on. Then he suddenly pulled all the way over to the right nearly of the street. At the same time the three lanes where going to be two lanes, so I was thinking, where do I go to get past this guy. Before I could even finish that thought he was right in front of me again swerving of to the left again. “Is he drunk or is he having a heart attack?” I asked my hubby. Worried about if he did, how could we stop this car and get some help.
Off he was to the right again, nearly crashing in the the right line bounderies. When I finally got a chance to pass him he was driving in the right lane my hubby told me ” he is texting!!!”   What???
Well a few seconds later he was out on the grass on the right side and had stopped. He was so lucky that every one behind him was paying attention and had slowed down, that he did not run into anyone or got hurt himself. What does it take for people to understand that texting while driving is NOT safe!!!


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