still have tears rolling down my cheeks

I just watched the movie
I had never heard of it, just had read the little info you get on the TV and thought it sounds interesting and taped it. I was gone yesterday visiting a friend.
Had lots of fun and long discussions while hanging out with the bunch of “girls”.
So when I came back this afternoon I decided to watch this movie.
Wow, for a long time I haven’t seen a movie that can touch your heart like this. It’s the words the main actor speaks, the friendship he has with this other person.
I couldn’t help it, but I was only sniffling and wiping my nose by the end of the movie.
And the music was just soul touching. I will have to watch it again, when I have a moment of quiet and peace in this house.
Have you seen it? What did you think about it?


8 thoughts on “still have tears rolling down my cheeks

  1. Wow, It sounds great. I too watched a movie (documentary) with my hubby last night at our independent movie theater that I am going to blog about tomorrow~~


  2. I haven't seen a movie in a loooooooong time! However, I know me, and I probably won't watch that, Frauke. LOL It's not because I don't think I'd like, it's because I think I'd cry too hard! Heck, I cried in Blade and in Ice Age!!! And when I watch The Notebook, I cry for days…literally!!! It's SO much like my paternal grandparents! So, I'll settle for everyone's review on it, please. …..P.S. I haven't watched Titanic, either, because I know I'll cry too hard. LOL


  3. oh no Marge. But I hear you on that, I am built close to the water too and the smallest thing makes me cry. This was a positive feeling I got from the movie though. Even though it took an unexpected ending.Can't wait to hear what the other have to say about this movie.


  4. I have cried at telephone commercials before….mind you, my hormones were screwy at the time, but I cry at any touching moment in a movie, book, life.Want a good cry? Read the book Still Alice by Lisa Genova.


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