customer service , non plus ultra

a little while ago I had purchased those wonderful sunflower coasters from monkmama54 . They where going to go to my friend for a birthday gift.
I got the box and I opened it all excited and there was a noise I didn’t like…..
The coasters where  all single wrapped in bubble wrap and still two of them where broken. I was heart broken, all this hard work Nancy had put in and made sure they would arrive all safe and sound.
So I send her an email to tell her what had happened.  I know she was not happy, I could read that out of her words she send me back.
As a seller myself I know how frustrating this part of selling can be, because damage to your mail is not in your hands.
Sometimes I wish I could deliver all my things personally, just to make sure it gets there without damage.

Nance was great the way she handled it. She didn’t have any more of those wonderful sunflower coasters though. 
But I will keep my eyes open if she will.
you can find her shop here and her other shop with vintage & wedding things here

Thank you again Nancy. My neighbor loves the coasters, even though it was only too, but they are in use every day!


I have to start my yoga again

since we came back from vacation in April I didn’t do any of my exercises or my yoga. And I am in dire strait of it.
I can feel that my head is totally getting cluttered up, that I don’t have enough energy to put up with extra ordinary stress and my creative juices are not flowing as they use to.
My hubby has a lot of stress at work and he brings it home and unloads it on me. I would love to help him but I can’t and that stresses me out again.
Back to my original thought. For my inner peace and my inner patience I have to get back to my routine.
Why is it sometimes so hard to get over the inner block and get back to it?
So please give me a virtual kick in my behind, as I can not seam to find the energy to kick myself to get back to my routine.

What is it that you do to destress ?

All about the Buttons

What you ask if I have gone crazy yet?
No “All about the Buttons” is a wonderful Shop on Zibbet.  She lives in a eclectic world of buttons, anywhere where she can put a button on she will. Barbra is a wonderful person to work with and she will go the extra mile to make you happy. Her shipping is lightning fast.
In her store  you can find

Today she is having a 40% off SPECIAL on her hats !
Barbra can also be found on  FB , Twitter,  or you can follow her blog .
I have not met Barbra in person yet, I do know that she does not live awfully far away, so one day there might be a chance to dive into her button world.

She makes clock from CD’s with what? YES with BUTTONS on it. I think they are so original, one of a kind. I brows through her shop often, so go on head on over and join me.

while I am/ was waiting

for two things from some wonderful Zibbet shops ( will write about each shop when the items get here) and waiting for some motivation to get into the bathroom to finish the paint job I lost a whole day.
I was convinced even when school called this morning to tell me about the Library program this afternoon, that it is Wednesday. I even said to my daughter, why does he keep saying today, Thursday at 2 pm ? it is Wednesday.
Well I was in for a rude awakening. It is Thursday. What happened, was yesterday not important enough to recognize that it was Wednesday? Or did the storm last night just mixed up all my time feeling? Weird, something like this didn’t happen to me for quite some time.
Is there a psychological explanation for that?  Why do we get stuck in a day and don’t want to move on?

Well that is for me to find out. But for right now I have to reschedule  me whole day and get back on track with Thursday.
I wish you all a wonderful one!

new things I am learning…..

while I am sitting here and researching what glue to use the primer on the bathroom walls is drying. After that I am hoping to get the color of sea mist on the wall.
The girls decided on a sea themed bathroom. That is how I got the idea that I could use all the sea shells and colored glass pieces we have. I thought of gluing them to the shelves and med. cabinet etc.
Now my next question was, what glue do I use?
I opened a new window and typed in ” how to glue sea shells on wood”.  I found some very interesting forums and everyone had a different suggestion on which glue to use.
Now my other question is, do I want to glue sand on it first or not….
all those possibilities ….
What would you do?