"is today tomorrow ?"

that is what my daughter asks me sometimes when she is waiting for an event and I tell her, no it is tomorrow, you will have to wait another day.
But today I feel like “is today tomorrow or yesterday?”
I got lost in time, this heat messes with my whole body. And then I have a  million ideas at once and can’t write them down quick enough before they pass.  At the same time I have some projects I really need to finish and I don’t feel like doing any of them.
Two more half days at school and then it is summer break, that means reorganize our whole daily routine again. I am not ready for this this year, I don’t know why. Usually by now I have it all planned an organized. What is going on here?
I think I need to do it like this butterfly this morning, relax , enjoy the sun and just don’t worry about to much.


2 thoughts on “"is today tomorrow ?"

  1. yup, in that funk too. my kids have another week, but then summer break and the whole schedule is changed again. Have so much to do and no motivation to do any. hopefully the change will do us some good. or else we can do nothing together. 🙂


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