I just love doing this….

A few days ago someone asked me if we could swap. Sure was my answer. So I sent off two of my bracelets that I had just made a little while ago.They arrived over the Memorial weekend.
And then I didn’t hear from her, if her daughter liked them or not. Why do I always have to think negative about my stuff, something like “well yeah I know I made it and I like it, but that doesn’t mean everybody else likes it” .I guess I have a  “oh don’t give me anything handmade” syndrome, some in my family just don’t appreciate when you send them something handmade and they will let you know. I should know by now not to send them anything anymore. But it does reflect when I give to others, will they like it, what if they don’t, will they throw it away?
And then I did it again today. There is this one lovely Lady on Zibbet that had mentioned a few times that she likes what I do. Her birthday is coming up this month, so I thought, why not surprise her with a little something.
So today I went to the post office to send this little fellow off

Don’t get my wrong, I love selling my things on http://www.Zibbet.com and making a little extra (right now not so much) but it is way more gratifying if I can give my handmade things to someone out of a surprise and make them happy.
So I really hope she will love that little bugger just as much as I loved making him.


4 thoughts on “I just love doing this….

  1. Frauke, I did this same thing in late Dec. and early Jan. 2011. I wrote about it in my blog. I sent surprise gifts to several ladies who have helped me immensely on the web. All give me wonderful support from promoting to helping me solve how to do things on my sites. I plan to do more this year. It is fun isn't it 🙂


  2. Cute! I bet she'll appreciate it. That's very generous of you. I can't believe they didn't let you know that they received your swap. Hopefully, the holiday and maybe a graduation got in the way and this person will atleast acknowledge your swap. I've done one swap and it went great. Very generous person.


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