how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

This morning the whole family cleaned the house, so in the afternoon the kiddos could jump in the kiddie pool. Which they are doing now, because it is blistering hot. I just went to Lowe’s for a little bit to check out some stuff, but boy was I happy to be home again. The drive , which is only about 5 min. was already a torture.
And what is my hubby doing?
He fired up the grill…yeah for that, but in the mean time he is finishing up the ribs in the oven…. are you crazy man? More heat in the house? I love his food, he cooks really good, but does it really have to be so hot in the house now?
I have to finish three mice, but knitting in the warmer temperatures is not really much fun. May be I’ll just pull out some books and see if I can get some new ideas instead of needling right now.
So how do you cope with this heat and get the creative juices flowing?



2 thoughts on “how is the weather in your neck of the woods?

  1. I grab my hook, yarn, and sit outside, with just my legs in the sun, and make a Toekini or 2. (gotta have nice modeling legs and feet for the toekini's, so let them get some sun.)When I get too hot, go inside, grab some water, and sit in front or under a fan. But tonight, I should be making toekini but instead wasting time on the computer. :)I love this warm weather. WAAAYYY better than Western New York!!


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