yeah… I got three custom orders…. how fun is that?

A few days ago I had listed  this newsboy cap   in my shop. I had tweeted and put the link on my FB page. And through that I got a request from Germany to make one in pink and one in beige. I am already working on the pink one. I love making those hat or tams or berets as some would call them.
Then today I got another order in for a little mouse, with blue shoes and a book. For someone who loves the color blue and loves books. This little mouse will be a little “car accessory”
In the mean time I also have to get my shop ready for Christmas in July. Right now it kind of feels like the time is running like sand through my fingers. The kids are out of School and want my full attention, I love spending time with my kids, but at the same time I love what I can do with my fantasy and create things. So this will be a learning time for me who to best juggle the time between my family and my crafting.
I can’t wait to show you pictures from what I came up with.


5 thoughts on “yeah… I got three custom orders…. how fun is that?

  1. congrats on the orders! Love doing custom orders, makes everything worthwhile.time like sand running through your fingers…so true, me too.have fun!


  2. Congrats on the orders. Your newsboy cap is very nicely done. Don't worry about finding time to get everything done, I have found that if you don't worry about things, everything works out.-Debbie


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