new things I am learning…..

while I am sitting here and researching what glue to use the primer on the bathroom walls is drying. After that I am hoping to get the color of sea mist on the wall.
The girls decided on a sea themed bathroom. That is how I got the idea that I could use all the sea shells and colored glass pieces we have. I thought of gluing them to the shelves and med. cabinet etc.
Now my next question was, what glue do I use?
I opened a new window and typed in ” how to glue sea shells on wood”.  I found some very interesting forums and everyone had a different suggestion on which glue to use.
Now my other question is, do I want to glue sand on it first or not….
all those possibilities ….
What would you do?


9 thoughts on “new things I am learning…..

  1. Sounds lovely! I've used spray adhesive for a layer of sand, and then everything from Elmers to E6000 to hot glue on the shells, depending on the size & my mood. All have held up fairly well. I like to spray a layer of clear sealer to finish it off. Take some pics & show us how it all turns out!Norma


  2. Frauke, I asked my hubby as he is a Remodeling Contractor (family business since 1961) and we do custom cabinetry as well. He suggests using Dap (product name) 230 Clear Acrylic Latex Caulking.It would be clear and not run. But you would need something (if you don't want to stand there and hold each piece while it dries) like Blue Tape (which can be found in paint stores, home depot, etc..) to tape and hold seashells in place while caulking dries. He does not think you need to sand the surface. Just make sure the surface that you want to glue on is clean.Hope this helps~~ Leta


  3. thank you both of you.Leta for the sand I meant to "glue" real sand on it first and then glue the sea shells on..Just had to make another trip to Lowes… didn't have enough primer…grrrr


  4. First question is Can you take the door of the med. cabinet? If you can laying it flat would help with gluing. You could do a layer of sand them shells and glass, then scattered sand randomly over some area. You know not all shell are on top of the sand, some are just peeking through.Another import thing to remember with the glue is how will it take humidity. I take it there is a shower in the bathroom! Make sure what ever you uses will work for that condition!


  5. Kath, I could take the door off. But the med. cabinet is not so big, I could just take it off an work on it like that.And thanks for the hint with the humidity, something I didn't think about.


  6. My bathroom has a beach theme!!! Yes, be careful about the glue and the dampness or you'll hear things crash in the night.


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