while I am/ was waiting

for two things from some wonderful Zibbet shops ( will write about each shop when the items get here) and waiting for some motivation to get into the bathroom to finish the paint job I lost a whole day.
I was convinced even when school called this morning to tell me about the Library program this afternoon, that it is Wednesday. I even said to my daughter, why does he keep saying today, Thursday at 2 pm ? it is Wednesday.
Well I was in for a rude awakening. It is Thursday. What happened, was yesterday not important enough to recognize that it was Wednesday? Or did the storm last night just mixed up all my time feeling? Weird, something like this didn’t happen to me for quite some time.
Is there a psychological explanation for that?  Why do we get stuck in a day and don’t want to move on?

Well that is for me to find out. But for right now I have to reschedule  me whole day and get back on track with Thursday.
I wish you all a wonderful one!


8 thoughts on “while I am/ was waiting

  1. I have done that, lost track of the days! I guess I think it happens when we get so busy and focused on something that our minds don't move to the next day (?)…Anyway, I hope your day gets better!


  2. I have had that happen more times than I can count. But as life is right now, I am already thinking its tomorrow. I need to focus on Today! Have a great time at the Library~~


  3. Husband being of throws me. 3 or 4 day weekends and it takes till the next weekend to get things back to normal


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