All about the Buttons

What you ask if I have gone crazy yet?
No “All about the Buttons” is a wonderful Shop on Zibbet.  She lives in a eclectic world of buttons, anywhere where she can put a button on she will. Barbra is a wonderful person to work with and she will go the extra mile to make you happy. Her shipping is lightning fast.
In her store  you can find

Today she is having a 40% off SPECIAL on her hats !
Barbra can also be found on  FB , Twitter,  or you can follow her blog .
I have not met Barbra in person yet, I do know that she does not live awfully far away, so one day there might be a chance to dive into her button world.

She makes clock from CD’s with what? YES with BUTTONS on it. I think they are so original, one of a kind. I brows through her shop often, so go on head on over and join me.


5 thoughts on “All about the Buttons

  1. Yeaaaah for Buttons! Frauke, this is an EXCELLENT tribute to Ms. Barbra – a very wise and giving woman, she truly is!


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