I have to start my yoga again

since we came back from vacation in April I didn’t do any of my exercises or my yoga. And I am in dire strait of it.
I can feel that my head is totally getting cluttered up, that I don’t have enough energy to put up with extra ordinary stress and my creative juices are not flowing as they use to.
My hubby has a lot of stress at work and he brings it home and unloads it on me. I would love to help him but I can’t and that stresses me out again.
Back to my original thought. For my inner peace and my inner patience I have to get back to my routine.
Why is it sometimes so hard to get over the inner block and get back to it?
So please give me a virtual kick in my behind, as I can not seam to find the energy to kick myself to get back to my routine.

What is it that you do to destress ?


Thanks for your comments!

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