customer service , non plus ultra

a little while ago I had purchased those wonderful sunflower coasters from monkmama54 . They where going to go to my friend for a birthday gift.
I got the box and I opened it all excited and there was a noise I didn’t like…..
The coasters where  all single wrapped in bubble wrap and still two of them where broken. I was heart broken, all this hard work Nancy had put in and made sure they would arrive all safe and sound.
So I send her an email to tell her what had happened.  I know she was not happy, I could read that out of her words she send me back.
As a seller myself I know how frustrating this part of selling can be, because damage to your mail is not in your hands.
Sometimes I wish I could deliver all my things personally, just to make sure it gets there without damage.

Nance was great the way she handled it. She didn’t have any more of those wonderful sunflower coasters though. 
But I will keep my eyes open if she will.
you can find her shop here and her other shop with vintage & wedding things here

Thank you again Nancy. My neighbor loves the coasters, even though it was only too, but they are in use every day!


6 thoughts on “customer service , non plus ultra

  1. I love hearing stories like this with a happy ending. All too often people just say it's not their fault and beyond their control and you're just stuck. I'm glad everything worked well all the way around…and glad that your friend loves the coasters – I would too!


  2. I had that happen to one of my customers earrings. We both are perplexed in how they could have been broken because those babies were buried in bubble wrap. I find that some sellers seem to be in the business for different reasons. If they're in it just to make a buck, I think the service is sub par. But those who are truly handmade artists are emotionally involved with each of their pieces and want them to be loved. Then the service is above and beyond.


  3. I have never had a problem with anything I have ordered, but if I ever did, I would hope the seller was as customer friendly as Nance. Her work is gorgeous and I'm sure she was torn up about this. From what you say, she is definately a crafter who cares, and not just a shop owner. -Debbie


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