do I have a paranoia?

here is the explanation of Paranoia from Wikipedia.
I didn’t grow up here in the US, so I am not used to all this violent weather behavior. If I didn’t have kids, I would be the one sitting under my blanket on my bed hoping for it to be over soon and sparing my house.
But for my kiddos I have to mimic the brave one. Telling them that the safest spot in a Thunderstorm is in the house.
The last few days we had storms roll through here every day, they sometimes linger for hours, bring torrential downpours, very loud thunder and frightening lightnings, cloud to ground….really scary, and those 60+ miles winds.

The thunderstorms I grew up with are baby storms compared to those here.
While I am typing it is already rumbling in the back ground again, just had a 2.5 hour storm this afternoon.
Now to my paranoia….
As I was living the first few years by myself in Germany in my own apartment I had a lightning coming out of my outlet on one wall zipping through my living room into the outlet on the other side. Luckily I was not sitting or standing in the way. I know all houses in Germany are grounded and you don’t have to be scared in a thunder storm.
But here, when I hear it rumbling, I run around unplugging everything. And hoping for the best.
To many times we lost electricity or phone and Internet service or all.
Then I sit down with my kids, playing some board games, always the flash light and other important utensils in sight.
How do you get through a storm? Does that even bother you?
Do you unplug everything important or do you just hope nothing will get hit.
Ok, I am off… as the rumbling is getting louder and the sky is getting really dark once again.


7 thoughts on “do I have a paranoia?

  1. When we were kids and it use to rumble and then the lighting crack… my mom would tells us it was the angels bowling in Heaven. The rumble of the thunder was the ball rolling down the lane and the crack with the lighting was them striking the pins. I know it's not that know, but when I told my kids that when they were little it made the noise less to be afraid of!


  2. Storms can be frightening for sure. The thunder can be so loud. The rain (while welcoming) can be annoying. When I spent summers in Southern Oregon at my Grandma Leta's and Aunt Susie's I would watch many a dry thunder storm. Grandma lived way out in the country with mountains all around. We would sit on the fence and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder. No rain. It was beautiful. While I am not fond of thunder, the lightning is great to watch. So, I am a watcher of them.


  3. We love the storms – not the damage they do mind you, but the storms are glorious and powerful! I grew up in Kansas and have seen my share of tornadoes and lightening storms! I can't explain why we like them, we just do and I think that fact has caused our children to enjoy them also.


  4. I've heard that too Kath!I was born and raised and still living in Kansas City. I'm with Deni, I don't give it much thought and actually find them exciting. I lived in Dallas for awhile and found the weather so boring! You could always get some lightning rods if you're that scared, but usually, your homeowners insurance should cover some damage. hehe. Speaking from experience. I think more times than not, they're not as dangerous as they might seem. Kind of like all bark, but no bite. Just stay inside, and you'll be fine. Promise! If you ever watch them, you'll find that it's one of mother's natures beauty — the clouds, the colors, the hot before and cold after. Amazing.


  5. My mother used to make us sit and watch the beautiful lightening from our living room picture window, and then wait for the thunder, proving it was nothing to be afraid of. But sometimes the thunder does scare me, but like you, I have had to be the brave one for my kids, as they were once terrified of the thunder. After going through a hurricane, thunder storms don't bother us much, we all enjoy them. We still go about our business hoping no electronics will be fried and that no tree falls on the house. And then we go outside after the rain and enjoy the smell of the freshness and dampness.


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