after all the rain

I love going outside and like watching the plants stretch for the last drop that is about to drip of their leaf and soak it up.
How the leaves of the plants try to reach out for that sunlight that is finally breaking through the clouds again.

I go through my front and back yard to enjoy the colors that are popping and see how the bugs and critters come out to see what the rain has brought.
Knowing that I had planted those flowers and the survived the drought we had and now are coming back alive with just a little bit of water.
Who wouldn’t stop and enjoy this miracle, the intensity of color?

The last few days it rained every day, sometimes it was a down pour and sometimes just a drizzle.
While I was trimming my Lavender bushes this morning, the first bloom was done and the bees and Butterflies have found other bushes to feed on, I thought about how my life was rushing past me the last few months and I didn’t even bother to stop and see the wonders that where just in my front yard. I went back in the house to get my camera so I could share this moment with you.
I am glad it was such a hefty storm last night, that it did bring a lot of rain, so my yard could bring out its finest colors. And it made me stop to smell my Lavender.

And come to find out, I was not the only one enjoying what the new day has brought.

I know, I am not back to my old self yet, but this was a mighty step forward and it helped me to make sure that I do have to pay more attention again to the smaller things in life.

Now off to some special time with my kids!


6 thoughts on “after all the rain

  1. Very pretty flowers. I'm not the best gardener. I live through others who have pretty flowers. hehe. Super rainy in KC today. So maybe later our flowers will be like this.


  2. Thank you, we did. We watched the neverending story, which made me pull out my book again. It is in German though. So I will try to find one in English and will start to read it with them.


  3. thank you Sissy and Raige. I love the smell right after and then the reawakening of the plants. though this year I didn't really put too much effort into them, they still grow and bloom.


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