I have neglected you for a bit…

… and I am sorry for that, but a pesty Carpal tunnel crossed my way and keeps putting me on hold.
It is my right hand what makes it even worse.
But I will get better, if I could just resist to not knit or crochet, kind of hard.
Yesterday i got those fun beads in the mail from XquisitelyLadyM and I could not resist to start some necklaces and a choker. Yes I finished them, and today I am back in the brace.

I promise to not buy any beads the next few days and I will try to do no crafts. That is a very tough one for my, knitting and crafting is my balance for my psyche.
What do you do to stay sane in this world?


5 thoughts on “I have neglected you for a bit…

  1. All so very adorable. I do hope your Carpal Tunnel soon gets better. It must be so hard to make these beautiful pieces as they are, with out your Carpal Tunnel to contend with.


  2. sometimes it is hard to resist! And what a beautiful outcome of something you did while in such pain! Hubby had carpal tunnel too, and it got so bad he couldn't even write. He had the surgery, on both wrists, and no more pain. the strength isn't what it used to be, but he is so glad the pain is gone. If yours is too bad, and hinders your work, as his doctor suggested, why wait to take care of it? Once the damage is done, it is difficult to undo, so the longer you wait, the more damage is done. Have it looked at before it gets too bad. and take it easy. 🙂


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