my car has a new "dress"

a few weeks ago I had Judy from PortableGraffiti design a car magnet for me. My sales where creeping around the “0” so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get more advertising and spread the word a little more about my shop.
So after Judy had designed a great magnet for me, I went to and ordered me a car magnet.

A few couple weeks later I had this fun thing in my mail !
I didn’t get any sales so far, but who knows, it is  summer break sales are slow everywhere and the budgets are still tight. So right now I enjoy showing off my new magnet.
 We still have  nearly 4 weeks of summer break here so I will enjoy as much as possible of this time with my family and after that it means back to full speed of promoting and creating.
My forearm tendinitis kind of brought everything to a screeching halt anyway. So, it will be a little quiet around here for a bit, hope to be back in a while . So until later!!!


6 thoughts on “my car has a new "dress"

  1. I love this! One thing on my to do list (when money is available) get some help with logo and get tags, business cards, etc… more professionally done.


  2. Love this little magnet!! Glad to hear you're still taking care of that tendonitis. However, PLEASE don't overdo it when you get back to things! LOL I know your mind must be spinning with things to make!!


  3. I like the magnet too, it has had me thinking Raige aught to in invest in one too. I also expect to get back into full wing job type hours when the kids are back in school. It ha been hard to get out of bed when no one need to get up… 🙂


  4. Hey there, Your car magnet came out really great. Good for you, getting word out. There seems to be no end to the talent of Portable Grafitti. P.S. I hope you get healed up real soon.-Debbie


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