I have so much catching up to do

first I will start with a purchase I did a while back. I was supposed to make a eye glass chain and I needed those holders.
I found them here. The project as many others are still on hold due to my inflamed nerves and muscles.

The service from TesoroDelSol was wonderful and very quick shipping.
And just look what fine items she carries in her shop!

those are just some extraordinary items she is showing.

you can find her wonderful shop right here


still no new work here

I have so many new ideas and my fingers are itching to get started, but I am still in pain. I finally broke down and made an appointment. Have to wait until next Thursday though because they are all booked. I found a knot on my tendon, very painful.
I do pretty much everything with my left hand now. It goes slow sometimes, especially the typing. My thoughts go way faster than my fingers and that frustrates me. I am a multitasker and not being able to do that drives me nuts.
 Over the next few days I will sit down and show off and write about  some things I have recently bought on Zibbet.

Your CHANCE to win a 15% off coupon for my shop

What you have to do you ask?

Very easy go to this page! It should show you a picture of the Lovable Gentlemen.
Then take a guess how much this cute fellow ways, either in grams or ounces.
Then please go to my  FB page and leave your guess under the “created event” here !

you have TWO guesses!
So good luck.
The contest ends August 10th 6 pm EST!

Happy guessing