still no new work here

I have so many new ideas and my fingers are itching to get started, but I am still in pain. I finally broke down and made an appointment. Have to wait until next Thursday though because they are all booked. I found a knot on my tendon, very painful.
I do pretty much everything with my left hand now. It goes slow sometimes, especially the typing. My thoughts go way faster than my fingers and that frustrates me. I am a multitasker and not being able to do that drives me nuts.
 Over the next few days I will sit down and show off and write about  some things I have recently bought on Zibbet.


4 thoughts on “still no new work here

  1. I would be so lost without my right hand!! I try to use my left, but it is like it has a mind of its own. I hope you feel better soon too, and that you can get back to normal with no pain.


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