very tempting

this morning I read Rebecca’s blog And for a while I was thinking about joining, might be fun to write about what goes on in my head everyday. But right now I am still so involved with the online class about self promotion that I really don’t want to overload my  plate.

Last night I finally gathered all my courage and joined youtube. This is my Channel   You know I can’t just have me channel sitting there with nothing in there to look at. So I spent half of my evening first sorting my pictures. I noticed that I need a better filing system for my items. Will have to work on that on another day.

I followed the links on YouTube to create a video and had one done. It was supposed to be a 30 sec. video, for free. I kind of ended up with a 1:50 min one and no charge. I had it posted for a bit, but I had an uneasy feeling so i took it down again.

So back again searching the net to find a place where you could make longer videos without paying. Found one, and off I went again. It wasn’t hard at all, finding the right music was a different story. I finally found what I was looking for, it fitted perfect. So I posted this cool video…… and you know what it came back flagged from YouTube. You got to be kidding me, all this for nothing again?

I got an email from YouTube which said something about “content ID match” it has something to do with copy rights. Ok, I don’t want to get in trouble with any “big” companies. I looked up what this content ID match meant and decided to change the music on the clip. As you can imagine that was not a easy task to find music that is not copyrighted. I tried a few and always got flagged. Until I found this page  There is even free music for commercial use. Digging through all their music was not on my plan last night, so I just clicked a few and found something that would fit.

This is my first video   (ok, finally figured out how to add a video)

After that I had a few more trial and errors, but I got three more videos done. So my channel doesn’t look so empty anymore.

Now I will enjoy  my weekend with cooler temperatures and some fun.

Wish you all a nice one too!

end result of my Paper mache experience

this is how the helmets looked like after they had dried and got trimmed.

 I was pretty happy with the result. So now to go find the right colors. Regular camouflage or desert. I couldn’t make up my mind. So I just gave it a base coat in sandy color. It turned out very yellow though.

The looked more like hard tops for construction workers. One of my next projects but not right for this one. So I mixed a little brown in the sandy color and was hoping to get the right results.

After it dried I wanted to get the camouflage pattern on it.

Oh no, now they look like giraffe helmets. Got to wait till they dry and then try to paint over and try it with green and see if I can get  a better result with the regular green camouflage pattern.

I didn’t want to put a mouse looking like a giraffe hunter into my shop.

Just after the paint had dried I found out that I didn’t have any more green at home. So I had to wait till the next day and buy some green and start over again.

I decided to paint over one with green and have the “giraffe pattern” shine through a little bit.

The other one got another coat of sandy color.

After they had dried I added some ribbon to the green helmet so the helmet would stay on the mouses head.

Now the mouse can take the helmet off or wear it, how ever Sergeant Mayhem decides. That is what my hubby named the mouse after he saw it.

So for my first try of making helmets from paper mache, I think I did pretty good.

exploring new possibilities

the other day I had asked here on my blog and on what to do with my little military mouse, what to add.

I got some good hints. One of them was a helmet.  I liked the idea with the helmet but I had to sleep over that one.

Can I knit one ? I could, but I thought it would look a little funny. I wasn’t happy with that. Next idea was to make it out of felt. How could I pull this one off. Steam the felt pull it over something round and then go from there.

Wasn’t really what I wanted either. So I surfed the net. Wow you can buy tons of miniature Football helmets and yes some military helmets too. $12 up for one, was not my cup of tea either.

I went looking around the house, what could I use anyway that has the shape of a helmet and that would fit this fellow.soldier I found a duplo building block from my kid, that had a round part on top.

And I also found a Kinder egg. So now what to do with that?

Then it finally hit me. How about paper mache. That should work and like that I could design my own helmets or even more hats for future mice.

But then I was back at square one. How do I do this in the US ? I know what I could use in Germany, I have never tried it here. Serving the net again I found many different possibilities how and what to mix. I didn’t like the flour version because I was worried about humidity and mold issues. I don’t want my mice to get a green fuzz on their head over time.

So I decided on the 2 to 1 part glue version. I mixed that up and put it in a plasic bowl with  a lid so I could reuse the mix.  . Then I decided I didn’t want to use news paper. I thought it might be to heavy and stiff for my mini project. I found some air mail paper I had in my drawer for over 15 years.

First I used aluminum foil to cover my kids toy  and then started cutting the paper into very thin stripes . Those stripes still got ripped into smaller pieces during the “building” process.  I dipped the paper into the glue and then pasted them onto my helmet mold.

So far I have a few layers on. They are drying right now. I am not quite sure yet if it will need extra layers.  . After it is dried I will see what my next step will be. Maybe some more layers, maybe the last layer as tissue paper for the color foundation.They will have to be cut into shape.

Then I would paint it, either into a military helmet, firemen helmet, police. Add some detailing.  There are so many possibilities now.  I could even do different style hats. Don’t get ahead of yourself here.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the answer to my tasked that I have given myself.

I will keep you updated on what happens next.


would like to have your input

I just finished sewing this little fellow together.

  I know he/ she doesn’t have any eyes or anything else yet, that is why I am here asking what you would like to see on the mouse.

What kind of beret, some kind of ranking, does he/ she need anything else?

What kind of eyes would you think would look best with him/ her?

Thank you for your input.


learning, never to old for that

a few days ago I signed up for an online class about self promoting online

I just got her first lesson this morning and found out that 85% of what she is suggesting I am already doing.

I was also blogging but on a page that does not get very much traffic. So after I read through the rest of her class I sat down at my desk and started to get some info about blogging on other sites. Here I am starting my new blog about my little business how it is moving forward ( I am keeping my fingers crossed for that).

Also I like sharing about other wonderful crafters that I meet along the way. Life is a journey and for me it is about who and what I meet and see along this path, where ever it takes me.

I was never a very good writer in school my essays where always short and right to the point. Also while I was still working in the Education System in Germany my conferences where always short and blunt.  So I am hoping to learn here how to make my writing a little more colorful, more like painting a picture.

Sometimes my mother language makes me trip and tumble and I can’t get the sentence to sound so great in English  as I have them laid out in my head in German.

So here I am at a new crossing, choosing a new path and I hope y’all come on that journey with me.

a few weeks ago

I bought a real cute pin cushion. It was made by Deni from BreitWerk on Zibbet.

In her shop you can find all sorts of up cycled, recycled , re purposed, revalued items, all made by her.

This is one of her latest creations,  also a pincushion.
Her profile says: I am a work-at-home wife and mother and veteran home-educator, my children (2 girls and 2 boys – 2 adopted and 2 natural born) are all grown now. 
I’ve been crafting and sewing since I was in elementary school. I started with hand sewing and hand embroidery, winning blue ribbons on the county level for my handwork, then moved to machine sewing. I have done custom sewing over the years – from mending to complete alterations, from sewing new articles of clothing for daily wear to weddings and household articles and even doing a piano bench cover!
I now have an embroidery machine and am enjoying the amazing and wonderful things that can be created / designed with it.
You’ll find many of my items are of my own design, and not found anywhere else. I love making unique and OOAK items, especially if they are re-valued, re-purposed and useful!

Go take a look at her shop, there is all sorts of fun things you can find there , like Gonzo
You can also find Deni on Facebook 
or read her blog                  on Blogger
I wish you all a wonderful weekend and have fun exploring all those exciting Shops in Zibbet!

just a little reflection

tonight was curriculum night in our Elementary School. We split up, hubby went with the Kinder gardener and I went with the 5th grader .
It was at 6:30 and it really only lasted for a little over 30 minutes. But there was barley 10 parents in each room. This is the chance to get to know the teacher a little better and to learn what your kid is going to learn this school year and what is expected. It looked to me that there was not much interest from the parents side. Maybe it is different for me, growing up in a different School system I want to know as much as possible, so I can guide my kids through this School system.
There was not many questions asked. Don’t they want to know how the kids and teacher are working together and getting along? Are the parents not interested in what kind of projects their kids will be doing through the year? What teachers are doing to keep the kids on track and focused on their work and help them find their skills?
Are the parents so busy that they get disconnected from their kids life? Or is it me that I am too much in my kids life, wanting to know who they are spending their time with in the classroom and what I can do to jump start their brain when they get stuck on a problem?

OK, enough maybe it is just they way I was brought up and the connection that I have with my kids.  I am thankful that my kids still want me to be a big part of their daily lives, I know there comes a time when this will not be so much of a case anymore.

A few days ago I saw a spider in my lavender bushes and I took this picture. And she fascinated me, even though I don’t like spiders. First I hardly noticed her when my little one pointed it out. Then I saw the “hairy prickly” legs and was amazed that even though she still blended in so well. I love the coloring on her abdomen.
My kids and I sat on the ground in front of the Lavender bush and looked at that spider, watching her every move. And I bet the spider was doing the same.
I am so glad that I get the opportunity to tune into my kids and pay attention when they try to show or tell me something, like that I get to experience their world through their eyes. As a grown up we tend to forget to see the little things way to often. And my little one is so interested in everything colorful and she loves to share it with me. My older one likes to discuss everything into the smallest detail. They both soak up the information like sponges.
I hope that this will go on for a long time and that I can stop and drop everything because they have something exciting to show or tell. Something that I never experienced as a kid.  I am so sad for my parents that they missed out on those nice moments. And I wish that I can preserve those memories as long as possible for my girls and for me.