my one year anniversary is coming up!

I didn’t even notice that the time flew by like this. Last year in September I opened up my shop on Zibbet.
It was called handmadefuzzy. Why?
Well my first name is Frauke and for every English speaking person that is a little difficult to pronounce.
That is why when the first time my hubby and I met he called me Fuzzy. That stuck and I never got rid of it.
I once had a automated phone call telling me :” this appointment is for FROG….” When I  let my hubby listen to is, he nearly fell of his chair. So I thought to myself, well I guess Fuzzy is not so bad after all.
I filled my little shop with a few things I had made so far and was hoping for the best.
Zibbet has a wonderful community and I found lots of help there and made many new friends.
My goal for the first year was to sell enough to be able to pay for a yearly subscription. So far I have sold 23 items, so nearly 2 each month. I was doing better then I hoped for.
Yes I am having a little of a health back set right now, but that is not going to stop me.
Right now I am promoting Zibbeters and having tons of fun with it on pinterest. There is a follow button on the bottom of the page.

I am so happy to found my niche with my little mice and my other knitted items that I want to share this with you. Until September 9th there will be a 9% off on everything.
Just swing by and visit handmadefuzzy and there you will see that some changes happened.
Yeah I have a new banner, made by PortableGraffitiGraphics .

I love it !!
 I want to wish y’all a wonderful weekend.


7 thoughts on “my one year anniversary is coming up!

  1. What a great story on how you got your name. :)And Congrats on that huge milestone of one full year in business. It is a big one, and you should be proud! The best is yet to come!And so many thanks for promoting us all on Pintrest. You are awesome, and hope you get back to creating soon. ❤


  2. Lovely post Frauke! I wondered how the Fuzzy came about, thanks for sharing. It's hard to believe one year has gone by already! I am also coming up on my one year anniversary in October. The year just zoomed by! Congrats on one year, and hopefully many more to come! Hope you get to feeling better soon!


  3. Wonderful story about your name Frauke. Believe it or not people miss pronounce mine all the time too. Congrats on First Anniversary~~ Just love your Mice!


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