breath of the Dragon

 is a name of a shop on Zibbet. May be you heard of it already? It is a shop where you can find unique and custom wood burnings of 

Celtic, Tribal and Kanji designs. 

you can find Fairy plaques 
key chains, you can get them customized !
you can even find OOAK Hemp Jewelery in her shop
Her other section of the shop is called TURN PEACE AROUND 
~~ Why is this peace sign upside down? ~~
It’s a new take on the classic symbol, which was originally drawn as a man in despair, with arms down and out. This new version, with arms upward, is a much more positive symbol for peace. For more information about the Turn Peace Around movement, please visit our facebook page:
She has a very sunny bubbly personality.
If you want to find out more about her you can find her on FB :
Blog for Breath of the Dragon:


so head on over and get to know the owner of BREATH OF THE DRAGON 

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