Did you know you can even buy…….

SEEDS on Zibbet.
I bought some seeds a little while ago in this shop .
I have not planted them so far due to this major drought we are having this year. And anything that I plant inside to grew bigger and then set them outside doesn’t stand a chance in our house.
Anything that is green looking is just way to yummy for our cat

 and she will eat any sapling. Doesn’t matter how good I try to protect them.
Well this is what is says in there introduction :
Welcome to our Garden, home of rare and exotic seeds and plants from 6 continents!

We offer some of the rarest Flower, Vegetable, Fruit and Plant seeds. Seeds from all over the world, as well as grow our own plants and harvest seeds. No chemicals are used, ever.
On occasion we offer live plants. All seeds and plants come with detailed growing guidelines.

Please see our entire assortment at http://www.centerofthewebb.com

and these are examples of what you can find in this wonderful shop
I would love to show you all the wonderful pictures, but I think you have to go check them out for yourself. 
you can also find them here

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