just a little reflection

tonight was curriculum night in our Elementary School. We split up, hubby went with the Kinder gardener and I went with the 5th grader .
It was at 6:30 and it really only lasted for a little over 30 minutes. But there was barley 10 parents in each room. This is the chance to get to know the teacher a little better and to learn what your kid is going to learn this school year and what is expected. It looked to me that there was not much interest from the parents side. Maybe it is different for me, growing up in a different School system I want to know as much as possible, so I can guide my kids through this School system.
There was not many questions asked. Don’t they want to know how the kids and teacher are working together and getting along? Are the parents not interested in what kind of projects their kids will be doing through the year? What teachers are doing to keep the kids on track and focused on their work and help them find their skills?
Are the parents so busy that they get disconnected from their kids life? Or is it me that I am too much in my kids life, wanting to know who they are spending their time with in the classroom and what I can do to jump start their brain when they get stuck on a problem?

OK, enough maybe it is just they way I was brought up and the connection that I have with my kids.  I am thankful that my kids still want me to be a big part of their daily lives, I know there comes a time when this will not be so much of a case anymore.

A few days ago I saw a spider in my lavender bushes and I took this picture. And she fascinated me, even though I don’t like spiders. First I hardly noticed her when my little one pointed it out. Then I saw the “hairy prickly” legs and was amazed that even though she still blended in so well. I love the coloring on her abdomen.
My kids and I sat on the ground in front of the Lavender bush and looked at that spider, watching her every move. And I bet the spider was doing the same.
I am so glad that I get the opportunity to tune into my kids and pay attention when they try to show or tell me something, like that I get to experience their world through their eyes. As a grown up we tend to forget to see the little things way to often. And my little one is so interested in everything colorful and she loves to share it with me. My older one likes to discuss everything into the smallest detail. They both soak up the information like sponges.
I hope that this will go on for a long time and that I can stop and drop everything because they have something exciting to show or tell. Something that I never experienced as a kid.  I am so sad for my parents that they missed out on those nice moments. And I wish that I can preserve those memories as long as possible for my girls and for me.


7 thoughts on “just a little reflection

  1. I decided not to go to the open house at the high school, but I did provide my email to all, and have contact with them. They sometimes send updates, and information, and I get info from my kids about what they are doing. But my kids are older, so can articulate what is going on pretty good. That spider is awesome, too, btw. 🙂


  2. I totally get it when you have older kids and you can discuss with them what is going on in school etc. For me not growing up in this school system some things don't make no sense when my kids try to explain them to me. So I am glad I can get the chance and ask the teacher.Didn't want to make anyone feel bad or guilty with this blog.Here comes my language barrier into play. Can't really translate what I was thinking in German. I was just wondering about it. I worked in the field in Germany and at those evenings there was at least one parent there and it lasted a good hour, sometimes longer. Parents had tons of questions.


  3. I totally understand what you are saying! We decided to home educate when our children were in 3rd and 4th grade (they were in a private school before then). We gained so much more than we gave during those years of educating them – we still have a close connection with our (now adult) children.Stay in touch – be a major part of their lives! It is something you will NEVER regret!


  4. This is a lovely and thought provoking post, Fr auke! We feel the same way. We never missed these special opportunities to meet our children's teachers. Our kids are grown, and now we are very involved in our grandson's life. He is in a private school, where I volunteer regularly. Between his mom, myself and his papa, we make sure someone is at any event for him. Most of the time his mother and I go to all the events, so we feel connected with him, and his teacher. It is such a short window of time we have with our kids while they are young.


  5. Hey there, I am also amazed by the lack of parents at parent teacher night. Our town's schools are classified as "underperforming". Maybe it's not the schools who are underperforming, but the parents!!!! You sound like you have a great handle on parenting, while still being connected to your kids. P.S. Geat photo.-Debbie


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