a few weeks ago

I bought a real cute pin cushion. It was made by Deni from BreitWerk on Zibbet.

In her shop you can find all sorts of up cycled, recycled , re purposed, revalued items, all made by her.

This is one of her latest creations,  also a pincushion.
Her profile says: I am a work-at-home wife and mother and veteran home-educator, my children (2 girls and 2 boys – 2 adopted and 2 natural born) are all grown now. 
I’ve been crafting and sewing since I was in elementary school. I started with hand sewing and hand embroidery, winning blue ribbons on the county level for my handwork, then moved to machine sewing. I have done custom sewing over the years – from mending to complete alterations, from sewing new articles of clothing for daily wear to weddings and household articles and even doing a piano bench cover!
I now have an embroidery machine and am enjoying the amazing and wonderful things that can be created / designed with it.
You’ll find many of my items are of my own design, and not found anywhere else. I love making unique and OOAK items, especially if they are re-valued, re-purposed and useful!

Go take a look at her shop, there is all sorts of fun things you can find there , like Gonzo
You can also find Deni on Facebook 
or read her blog                  on Blogger
I wish you all a wonderful weekend and have fun exploring all those exciting Shops in Zibbet!

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