learning, never to old for that

a few days ago I signed up for an online class about self promoting online


I just got her first lesson this morning and found out that 85% of what she is suggesting I am already doing.

I was also blogging but on a page that does not get very much traffic. So after I read through the rest of her class I sat down at my desk and started to get some info about blogging on other sites. Here I am starting my new blog about my little business how it is moving forward ( I am keeping my fingers crossed for that).

Also I like sharing about other wonderful crafters that I meet along the way. Life is a journey and for me it is about who and what I meet and see along this path, where ever it takes me.

I was never a very good writer in school my essays where always short and right to the point. Also while I was still working in the Education System in Germany my conferences where always short and blunt.  So I am hoping to learn here how to make my writing a little more colorful, more like painting a picture.

Sometimes my mother language makes me trip and tumble and I can’t get the sentence to sound so great in English  as I have them laid out in my head in German.

So here I am at a new crossing, choosing a new path and I hope y’all come on that journey with me.


7 thoughts on “learning, never to old for that

  1. YAY! I’m so proud of you, Frauke! Thank you so much for joining in on the eCourse, and I do hope it proves beneficial for you! 🙂

    I absolutely will be sharing links and tips and such for the actual “writing” part of having a blog. I know a lot of crafters and artisans have a hard time wondering just what the heck to write about, and we’ll talk about that, and why it’s all important.

    Thank you for letting me know you’ve taken this step! I’m with you all the way, m’dear!


    1. hihi… sounds like two blind people leading each other, trying to figure this out !!! but it will be a fun exciting journey and at least we got Lara at our side!
      Hope to see your blog link soon!!!


  2. Ok, so here I am visiting your handsome new wordpress site (really, it is good looking…) but I’m still on blogger, and I still want to follow you I don’t see anything here that allows me to do that…?


    1. Thank you Sandra. then I will have to find out how you could do this. I am so new to all this wordpress here to that I do not have an answer right now. But I will get to the bottom of this.


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