exploring new possibilities

the other day I had asked here on my blog and on https://www.facebook.com/handmadefuzzy what to do with my little military mouse, what to add.

I got some good hints. One of them was a helmet.  I liked the idea with the helmet but I had to sleep over that one.

Can I knit one ? I could, but I thought it would look a little funny. I wasn’t happy with that. Next idea was to make it out of felt. How could I pull this one off. Steam the felt pull it over something round and then go from there.

Wasn’t really what I wanted either. So I surfed the net. Wow you can buy tons of miniature Football helmets and yes some military helmets too. $12 up for one, was not my cup of tea either.

I went looking around the house, what could I use anyway that has the shape of a helmet and that would fit this fellow.soldier I found a duplo building block from my kid, that had a round part on top.

And I also found a Kinder egg. So now what to do with that?

Then it finally hit me. How about paper mache. That should work and like that I could design my own helmets or even more hats for future mice.

But then I was back at square one. How do I do this in the US ? I know what I could use in Germany, I have never tried it here. Serving the net again I found many different possibilities how and what to mix. I didn’t like the flour version because I was worried about humidity and mold issues. I don’t want my mice to get a green fuzz on their head over time.

So I decided on the 2 to 1 part glue version. I mixed that up and put it in a plasic bowl with  a lid so I could reuse the mix.  . Then I decided I didn’t want to use news paper. I thought it might be to heavy and stiff for my mini project. I found some air mail paper I had in my drawer for over 15 years.

First I used aluminum foil to cover my kids toy  and then started cutting the paper into very thin stripes . Those stripes still got ripped into smaller pieces during the “building” process.  I dipped the paper into the glue and then pasted them onto my helmet mold.

So far I have a few layers on. They are drying right now. I am not quite sure yet if it will need extra layers.  . After it is dried I will see what my next step will be. Maybe some more layers, maybe the last layer as tissue paper for the color foundation.They will have to be cut into shape.

Then I would paint it, either into a military helmet, firemen helmet, police. Add some detailing.  There are so many possibilities now.  I could even do different style hats. Don’t get ahead of yourself here.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the answer to my tasked that I have given myself.

I will keep you updated on what happens next.



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