end result of my Paper mache experience

this is how the helmets looked like after they had dried and got trimmed.

 I was pretty happy with the result. So now to go find the right colors. Regular camouflage or desert. I couldn’t make up my mind. So I just gave it a base coat in sandy color. It turned out very yellow though.

The looked more like hard tops for construction workers. One of my next projects but not right for this one. So I mixed a little brown in the sandy color and was hoping to get the right results.

After it dried I wanted to get the camouflage pattern on it.

Oh no, now they look like giraffe helmets. Got to wait till they dry and then try to paint over and try it with green and see if I can get  a better result with the regular green camouflage pattern.

I didn’t want to put a mouse looking like a giraffe hunter into my shop.

Just after the paint had dried I found out that I didn’t have any more green at home. So I had to wait till the next day and buy some green and start over again.

I decided to paint over one with green and have the “giraffe pattern” shine through a little bit.

The other one got another coat of sandy color.

After they had dried I added some ribbon to the green helmet so the helmet would stay on the mouses head.

Now the mouse can take the helmet off or wear it, how ever Sergeant Mayhem decides. That is what my hubby named the mouse after he saw it.

So for my first try of making helmets from paper mache, I think I did pretty good.


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