very tempting

this morning I read Rebecca’s blog And for a while I was thinking about joining, might be fun to write about what goes on in my head everyday. But right now I am still so involved with the online class about self promotion that I really don’t want to overload my  plate.

Last night I finally gathered all my courage and joined youtube. This is my Channel   You know I can’t just have me channel sitting there with nothing in there to look at. So I spent half of my evening first sorting my pictures. I noticed that I need a better filing system for my items. Will have to work on that on another day.

I followed the links on YouTube to create a video and had one done. It was supposed to be a 30 sec. video, for free. I kind of ended up with a 1:50 min one and no charge. I had it posted for a bit, but I had an uneasy feeling so i took it down again.

So back again searching the net to find a place where you could make longer videos without paying. Found one, and off I went again. It wasn’t hard at all, finding the right music was a different story. I finally found what I was looking for, it fitted perfect. So I posted this cool video…… and you know what it came back flagged from YouTube. You got to be kidding me, all this for nothing again?

I got an email from YouTube which said something about “content ID match” it has something to do with copy rights. Ok, I don’t want to get in trouble with any “big” companies. I looked up what this content ID match meant and decided to change the music on the clip. As you can imagine that was not a easy task to find music that is not copyrighted. I tried a few and always got flagged. Until I found this page  There is even free music for commercial use. Digging through all their music was not on my plan last night, so I just clicked a few and found something that would fit.

This is my first video   (ok, finally figured out how to add a video)

After that I had a few more trial and errors, but I got three more videos done. So my channel doesn’t look so empty anymore.

Now I will enjoy  my weekend with cooler temperatures and some fun.

Wish you all a nice one too!


6 thoughts on “very tempting

  1. Your videos are fantastic! Technology is always frustrating for me, but you made it through, so great job!
    Just an idea – post your videos for a blog for the day, just that. You don’t have to write a ton every day, and really you don’t have to write every day either.
    There are already some great prompt ideas on that NaBloWrMo blog, and more will come each day.
    Give in to temptation, I say. 😉

    Now, if I could just give in to my temptation to switch to wordpress, and get my own dot com….


  2. Thank you Marge. You are more then welcome, like to share my findings. Was a tough one, but my “german” persistency or let’s say stubbornness didn’t want to let it go. Sending you positive vibes for your vintage battle!


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