got some things done….

even though with a sick kiddo in the house.

The last few days where very long and painful for me, as my little one was running a fever of 104.5 F and I couldn’t get it down. I tried all kinds of home remedies but did give kiddo a motrin in the end. It didn’t bring the fever down more than 1 degree, but at least it got us a little sleep. It was off an on, but some shut-eye.

The next day I went to Urgent Care with the sick kid, the fever was still so high that it scared me. Oh boy, we spent 6 hours there. The fever went down after she had gotten some meds but boy was she sweating away. Her and I where wet just sitting there waiting for our turn to see the doc.

Well we got home and both went to bed to try to get some snoozes in. Not much that night either. While I was sitting or laying with her I finally started the “skunk” she had asked me for so long. And I managed to finish it. Her name is “Flower”.
I also had to finish a custom order of Stethoscope cozy’s.  How I managed to squeeze those in and finish them is still a riddle to me. But I did and I really love the colors of them. I am waiting to hear from the costumer to have the ok, so I can send them out.

Then just this afternoon I read an article about how to use FB to get more fans, keep them interested, have a landing page and so on.

Guess what I did? yeah I created a Facebook landing page. And believe me I have no clue what the difference between HTML and the other stuff is. But I found a page where I didn’t need to know all that. And I was done within under 20 min. This is how it looks like .

Now it is nearly 10pm again and I am really in need of some shut-eye time.

I hope you all have a wonderful last weekend of October 2011.


do you still use pen and paper and write things down?

My  oldest is not so much into creating with her hands, she loves making up stories and writing them either on a piece of paper or in her journal. Last night she made a power point story for her little sibling.  It was about cheetahs and it was very well written and illustrated with pictures she had found on the net.

When I was younger the PC was just coming into homes and it was mostly still the one with the green screen. So I used to write a lot of long letters to my friends, pages over pages. So sad we don’t do that any more. My heart still skips a beat when I get handwritten mail in my box, not only bills. It is so exciting, the anticipation what will be in the letter, what will it say, what kind of paper.

I still have some of the Paper that I used to write my letter on, sentimental? yes I am I don’t wont to let it go. May be I have to sit down and follow my daughters example and start writing again, well at least to my friends.

That made me look up some shops on Zibbet, to see if there is still anyone selling special paper. And this is what I found:

A felted Journal 

your own personalized stationary 

some ecofriendly stationary 

you can find some upcycled envelopes like these 

hand embroidered cards 

and a big amount of photo cards with or without quotes

and then you need the perfect pen for your wonderful penmanship.

you can find the classic fountain pen   duct tape pens  or some pens with beads  now all you have to do is pick up the pen, get out some paper and envelope and start writing.

I think that will be on my “change” list for the new year, get back into writing letters. Yes emailing or texting goes faster, but the meaning and feelings kind of get lost in the fast life we live every day. And I would like to stop here and there, sit down with a nice cup of tea and read a letter. Knowing that this person sat down took his/ her time and put his/ her thoughts to paper and concentrated just on me for a little while.

words of comfort

These are word of comfort for me, when I don’t feel I am in the right place or the right time. I listen to this song, to put myself back in place.

Ich wünsche dir Zeit
© Abakus Musikverlag, Text: Elli Michler, Musik: Siegfried Fietz

Ich wünsche dir nicht alle möglichen Gaben
Ich wünsche dir nur, was die meisten nicht haben
Ich wünsche dir Zeit, dich zu freu’n und zu lachen.
Und wenn du sie nutzt, kannst du etwas draus machen.
Ich wünsche dir Zeit, zu dir selber zu finden,
jeden Tag jede Stunde, als Glück zu empfinden.
Ich wünsche dir Zeit, auch um Schuld zu vergeben,
ich wünsche dir, Zeit zu haben zum Leben.
Ich wünsche dir Zeit für dein Tun und dein Denken,
nicht nur für dich selbst, sondern auch zum Verschenken.
Ich wünsche dir Zeit, nicht zum Hasten und Rennen,
sondern die Zeit zum Zufrieden – sein können.

Ich wünsche dir Zeit, zu dir selber…

Ich wünsche dir Zeit nicht nur so zum Vertreiben,
ich wünsche, sie möge dir übrig bleiben.
Als Zeit für das Staunen und Zeit fürs Vertrauen,
anstatt nach der Zeit auf der Bühne zu schauen.

Ich wünsche dir Zeit, nach den Sternen zu greifen.
Und Zeit, um zu wachsen, das heißt, um zu reifen.
Ich wünsche dir Zeit, neu zu hoffen und lieben.
Es hat keinen Sinn, diese Zeit zu verschieben.

The pictures are from someone else. Just found it on YouTube and wanted to share the music with you.

free translation:

I wish you time

I don’t wish you all kind of gifts

I wish you only, what most of us don’t have

I wish you time, so you can be happy and laugh

And if you use it right, you can make something out of it.

I wish you time, to find yourself,

Each day every hour, to feel it as happiness .

I wish you time, also to forgive  fault ,

I wish you time , time to live.

I wish you time for you doing and thinking

Not only for yourself, also to give away.

I wish you time, not for rushing and running,

But time to be content.

I wish you time not just for wasting,

I wish you time, so there is some leftover

As time for the amazement and time for faith

Instead of looking for time on the stage.

I wish you time to reach for the stars.

I wish you time to grow, to mature.

I wish you time for new hope and love.

It doesn’t make sense to delay this time.

enjoying the view

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon today. The sun was out, hardly no wind. The kids riding their bikes, some neighbour trying to cut his lawn. I was sitting outside watching my kids and knitting. Enjoying the smell of Lavender that is still blooming and the bumblebees flying around collecting pollen.

Then I had to laugh, because on bumblebee went for a tumble. It missed the flower stem and fell on the ground. It caught itself and flew away.

Later I was looking for a nice poem about a bumblebee, but didn’t find any. Neither in English nor in German.

So I thought I would at least share with you  the “Flight of the Bumblebee” written by  Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan, composed in 1899–1900.

hay ride on a Saturday afternoon

It was a nice and sunny afternoon and we had an appointment at 4 pm at the Christmas tree hill-top, for a hay ride with a bonfire and smores after.

Sounds like fun?

Yes it was. It was just right, it had a little nip in the air but not enough to need a jacket yet.  So after some chit-chat we got on two tractors and off we went into the woods.The kids had a ton of fun and soon they where all throwing hay at each other and they started to look like scare crows. We saw some “monsters” on the way.

Through the Christmas Trees we went .And I learned that they have to be trimmed twice a year so they will have a nice shape when you are ready to get your tree.

And then we went and made some smores . Can you tell, the fire was a little hot .

But they where yummy and that is all that mattered.

We had a wonderful Saturday. How about you?