first it was a boring Saturday afternoon

with Daddy at work we kind of didn’t quite know what to do with our day.
But over time it got quite active here in the house.Dancing, jumping,singing.Chasing the cat and playing with her with a string.

I still had a project to get started,one of my mice will be a Golfer and he still needs a golfing bag. So I pulled out my paper mache stuff again and got started.

That is how far I got.

It still needs a few layers, some paint and some wheels. Not quite sure how those will be looking like.

While I was cleaning up my little one had pulled out all of  her single socks and said she was going to make a sock puppet. I have no idea how she came up with that. I have not made one with her so far. Well until today. As I am still in a cast like brace I have a hard time cutting and sewing. So we both looked up some ideas about how to make a sock puppet. We found one where we only needed glue, a carton, some felt. The rest was her inspiration and decoration. Of course she didn’t pick the cleanest sock from the pile, but that gives Mrs Mumbles (that is how she named her) some extra personality.


8 thoughts on “first it was a boring Saturday afternoon

  1. how fun!
    our day was MUCH less eventful.
    been on this puter most of the day.

    love the sock puppet.
    and the golf bag looks great so far.
    you are inspiring….
    maybe tomorrow………………………


  2. Frauke, When I saw the start of the golf bag I thought of some cute buttons for wheels! You could also look for toy cars/trucks at a thrift store or dollar store and get wheels from that…
    LOVE the sock puppet, Mrs Mumbles, just adorable!


    1. Thanks Deni, and I think we might still have some “broken” cars laying around some where, just have to find them. I thought of buttons too. But I like your “car” idea better!


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