what a wonderful day yesterday was

first when I woke up around 7 am it was still gloomy and cold out there, nothing to really get me going. But hubby had to go to work and some things still had to get done before Monday came around.

After a relaxing breakfast and a long chat with a friend on the phone we started to get ready. There was a place I wanted to be at about 1:15 pm. In the mean time the sun came out and it got a little warmer. It looked like it was going to be a wonderful Sunday. So I started looking for my “TomTom” and typed in the address where we needed to go. I also googled the place, wow there was so many options to get there.

Got the kids something to eat and grabbed the stuff and left the house. To finally meet up with the owner of http://www.zibbet.com/AllAboutTheButtons . She comes from the Upstate and her grandson had a softball game in our town this weekend. Cool like that I’ll get the chance to meet someone new and learn a little bit about softball. As a non american I don’t have much experience with any ball games from the US.

On the way there my TomTom kept telling me to go a different way and had to readjust the first few turns. Then “he” finally agreed with the route we where going, but he kept telling me we where not going to make it on time….. man I hate being late. I am more the person to be there 5 – 10 minutes early.

I didn’t notice the names on the map I had printed out for my older one to learn how to read the map. But I knew where we were and where we needed to go. I am better in memorizing the buildings and stuff like that then street names. So I took a few short cuts, threw my kiddo off and TomTom. And cut it very close and got there on time.

Barbra was already waiting there at the gate to great us. I knew her right away even though we had never met before. She didn’t quite know if it was me or not at first. Then she said if you would have driven backwards to the gate I would have known you immediately . And this is why  :  This car magnet was made by Judy from http://www.zibbet.com/PortableGraffitiGraphics .

For a little while Barbra and I sat down at the playground, my kiddos needed to let some energy out and run around A little after that we heard a lot of noise from the ball fields and Barbra said she would like to go and see what’s going on because her grandson is playing right now.

So we walked over and got pulled right into an action loaded game.My kiddos and I didn’t see the end of this game but I heard  that Barbra’s grandsons team won.

I had a wonderful afternoon finally getting to meet Barbra and get a little chat in with her. And I really hope to see her again.

This is Barbra and me watching the great game:My kids and I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon, enjoyed the company and the playing in the park.



18 thoughts on “what a wonderful day yesterday was

  1. It was a jam packed day with the highlight being meeting you and your girls. Next time I won’t be so distracted by a game and enjoy your company even more!


  2. Gosh what a fun blog post. Great to see you and Barbra there together. So sweet of you to put a link to my shop for the car magnet designs.
    Someday….I will meet you both!


  3. Frauke, I’m envious. I would love to meet with some fellow Zibbeters, especially some that I have emailed many times or done business with. I have felt so many close bonds and would love to meet them in person. Sounds like a great afternoon… : ))


  4. Nancy

    Sounds like such a nice day. I’m with Adrienne – it would be great to meet other Zibbeters!


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