ok, where was I ?

this has been some tumult two days and I can’t really tell you right now if it’s Monday or Tuesday. But I am sticking with Tuesday.

This morning I was on the hunt for a broken Toy car to get further along with my golf bag. I found several, but most of them where not the right size. One of my old VW’s had lost 3 tires and it had the right width. So my VW had to be the demolition  victim. I had to pull out the screw driver, that car was built good. I finally gutted it and got the axle with the wheels and started gluing, well after I cut some more paper stripes. Checked if there was still enough glue and then got going. I will have to wait till this dries again and then find a solution for the “leg” so the bag can stand up. Right now it will fall over, guess my leveling was a little off.

In the mean time, the mouse still needs a hat, the club still has to be attached and I have to make a few more clubs for the bag. Clay and wire should do for that. The club the mouse is holding was made by Daresa http://www.zibbet.com/Daresab .

I have not decided yet on what kind of hat or which color.

Oh and then I had a request from a friend in OK, she is a nurse and has a few of my stethoscope socks  http://www.zibbet.com/handmadefuzzy/section/stethoscope-sock-cover One of her colleges wanted a certain color and I started that one today too.

Love the color on that one, so I guess I will make more than one.


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