Today’s prompt: What advice would you give your fifteen-year-old self?

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15? wow, where was I when I was 15? Let me think. Jup, I was living in the Bavarian Forest a little town called Regen (means Rain)I loved growing up there, the town was just big enough to not know everybody. The winters where strong and long. After all it was in the mountains.  I had about 15 min. to walk to school everyday.  In Germany we have all year round school. The longest break is in the Summer for 6 weeks. And did we enjoy those times. If the weather was in the 80 which was not very often, well at least not like here. I loved hanging out with my friend at the public pool, Freibad as we call it.  We packed up our stuff got on our bikes and rode for about 20 mins. and spent the whole afternoon there. With 15 I had no interest in boys yet, so it was all just fun and giggles to go swimming with my best friends. Regen is a very old town, more than 850 years old. And this area is very proud of their traditions. There is always some kind of fest going on. 

I know this is a little long, but it shows how this town is trying to keep the old tradition  alive.

What I miss about this most is the vibrant colors of this area, the mountains, the woods, the fresh air …..

here is a little info about where it is located

So now what advice would I give my 15-year-old-self? Thinking back I would say: Live every moment as intensive as you can, make memories , make mistakes and learn from them. Cherish your friends and mostly be yourself !


Wow, now that took me on a trip to memory lane. Thank you! I really miss Germany now. But it was a great time growing up there, made lot’s of memories there.


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