phew… finally finished

the Golfer Mouse. I ran into a few bumps on the way. But I think he turned out quite cute.

A few days ago he still looked like this. And he still needed a hat and the club attached. Plus I needed to finish the Golf bag and make a few more drivers.

 what color should I use for the hat?

I tried out a few different colors and also a few different styles.

Finally I got it and chose a dark yellow.

The extra drivers I made from wire, some air dry clay and some felt. Painted the bag black inside and attached a “leg” so the bag could also be set up in an angle.



I don’t know if the birthday kid, who will get the Golfer is a “lefty”. I had the Golf club premade so I had no other choice.






So here it is, the end result, the finished Golfer.









Ok, now I can go take some pictures for the shop and list him.

Off to new adventures I go.

I wish you a wonderful evening!


4 thoughts on “phew… finally finished

    1. oh thanks Rebecca. Yeah I am kind of proud of him too. Hubby said that’s your best one yet. And I don’t get a lot of compliments from his department.


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