on a new path?

the last few days where a little uneasy here, sick kids in the house and not a lot of rest or sleep.

I did my usual yoga, but it didn’t give me the relief and relaxation I usually get from it. Am I doing something different, am I not letting go enough? It had me wondering, so I started searching the internet a little bit for the origins of Yoga and the different kinds of yoga.

Hatha yoga (Sanskrit हठयोग haṭhayoga, IPA: [ɦəʈʰəˈjoːɡə]), also called hatha vidya (हठविद्या), is a system of yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a Hindu sage of 15th century India, and compiler of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

“The word “hatha” may esoterically be said to derive from the Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon”. Thus, Hatha Yoga is known as the branch of Yoga that unites pairs of opposites referring to the positive (sun) and negative (moon) currents in the system.”[1]Historically, however, the term haṭha refers to the use of persistence or force, and haṭhayoga is translated by the Monier-Williams dictionary as “a kind of forced Yoga or abstract meditation (forcing the mind to withdraw from external objects; treated of in the Haṭha‐pradīpikā by Svātmārāma and performed with much self‐torture, such as standing on one leg, holding up the arms, inhaling smoke with the head inverted &c.).” [2]  

and then there is Taoist yoga

Modern Taoist Yoga comes from the tradition of Tao Yin (Dao Yin), of Han Dynasty China, whose earliest transcripts date back to about 180 BC. The Tao or way, as it is often translated, is the underlying component of reality. It is the infinite rhythm of our cosmos that every aspect of our life adheres to. It is the vibration of the electrons in atoms, the rotation of the earth and its revolution around the sun, the changing of the seasons and the rhythmic breath and heartbeat that keeps us alive and animated. The Tao comprises two opposite but interdependent aspects called Yin and yang. Yang is the sun, the fervent, aggressive, powerful aspect of the universe. Yin is the shade, the nurturing, maternal and gentle aspect of the universe. The idea of the Tao, which is inherently Chinese, is similar to the Yogic term Prana which is from India. It is nice to see how two very different cultures can share an idea that is so pivotal to each of their traditional spiritual practices and ways of understanding reality.

Tao Yin is the cultivation and understanding of Tao through soft, gentle, healing and nourishing exercises. The early Taoists developed many practices geared toward keeping themselves healthy and prolonging their life so they could spend more time practicing, studying and meditating to understand the deepest aspects of Tao.

The postures and exercises of Taoist Yoga are unique and generally have no relation to Hatha Yoga. In regards to the similarity of Hatha Yoga and Taoist Yoga we may look to the fundamental teaching of the ‘Three Regulations’ in traditional Taoist Yoga Doctrine. These are the ‘Regulation of Posture’, ‘Regulation of Breath’, and ‘Regulation of Hearth/Mind’. It can be viewed that Hatha Yoga also shares the practice of these Three Regulations, and herein lie their similarity.

Taoist Yoga has at its core a unique and special process of Breath Training:

The Taoist Yoga Breath Training will generally go through Three Stages of Development that are termed:

1. Natural Breathing – After Heaven Quality – 2. Reversed Breathing – Before Heaven Quality – 3. Fetal Breathing – Before, Before Heaven Quality –

Each Taoist Yoga stage of breathing can have generally 9 methods that are put into application and training such as: inhale from nose/exhale from nose, inhale from nose, exhale from mouth, inhale from mouth/exhale from mouth, breathing through energetic points, breathing through energetic channels, subtle refined breathing, and so on…

Both Hatha Yoga and Taoist Yoga have different exercises, philosophies and breathing techniques, but the underlying foundation practice is very similar in regards to the shared practice of ‘The Three Regulations.

One unique quality of Taoist Yoga is the stress we find on developing and nurturing the Vital Energy. The benefit of this training and nurturing of the Vital Energy results in a long history of practitioners gaining amazing self-healing, self rejuvenation of the body, and longevity.

There it was the word that triggered everything today, the nurturing and developing of the Vital Energy.

For some reason I was always drawn to the Yin and Yang sign.  Lately I see it in so many different places, even when I went to the Zoo. So what does this mean?

The last few weeks I have been trying to work on some issues from my childhood. With this book, it also comes with a work book. And it does dig up a lot of hurt and memories. And I think this has also triggered for me to see, that I as a person am out of balance right now. So to come back around to the Yin and Yang it lead me back to my Yoga. The Yoga I am doing is good for my health but it is not doing much for my inner, emotional balance.

While I was in the Library with my kiddos today I wandered off and ended up in the section about natural healing. Go figure, I can never find something when I am looking for it, so I think I was supposed to end up there today. I stood in front of these books saying Chakra and Healing. What is that? So I pulled them out and started reading.  I was always fascinated by the Eastern culture and their connection to their “soul”.  This brings me back to the book I am working with right now from Erika Chopich, listening to my inner child. Maybe there is a connection? I am intrigued to find out.

When I got home I stumbled over a blog http://taoist-yoga.blogspot.com/  I started reading and I sounded all so simple and natural for me. On the side there was a commercial about a chakra Test, usually I don’t do those kind of test, because at the end all they want to do is sell you something, but for the fun I tried it anyway today http://www.chakrahealing.com/lp/chakra-test-a/?sr=1&cid=Content-Meditation-US&aid=meditation-for&placement=taoist-yoga.blogspot.com&gclid=CPOYxZL33qsCFcTD7Qod9X43SA

And it was interesting to read  the email I got after that .

Now you might think, oh no she is going all crazy. For me all the aches and pains I had the last few years where signs from my body. And I ignored them way to long. My body pulled the emergency brake! And I had to listen! Well I finally wanted to listen and not but myself on the back burner anymore.  For me it was always important to treat myself as a whole and not only the symptoms, like many Doctors do. So I only go to the Doc when I know I need something else than natural  remedies.

So for me this step comes kind of naturally to look into other ways to “heal” myself, to get myself on a healthy path, get into balance again.

Yes, I will start practicing Yin Yoga besides my Hatha Yoga and I will start reading this book about Chakra healing and will also keep on working on my inner child that needs healing. I have to learn how to listen to it.  This will be a long journey  and I am pretty sure it will not always be easy, a lot of negative feelings will come back up that I have buried since my child hood. But in order to get to a happier place I have to work through this.

If anybody has any experience with any of this I would be very happy to hear about your  input.


4 thoughts on “on a new path?

  1. Sometimes it is emotional to give in to the Yoga that your body, and mind, is wanting you to do, and either body or mind can hinder. I found a Yoga teacher I like who teaches what she calls Subtle Yoga.
    She is very knowledgeable in yoga practices and her classes are never torture, but sometime can bring out the emotion, with no explanation. Her website is very good, and it seems she is now offering videos so you can take a class no matter where you are.
    I have always been drawn to the Yin and Yang too. This makes perfect sense to me, you cannot have one without the other.
    Working through difficult memories is never easy. But the reward is great. That is not to say the memories are no longer difficult, but that you can more easily accept the difficulty and understand it, and thus get past it and be happy knowing you have worked through it.
    Good luck on your path, and whenever you need to take a rest on that path and talk with a friend, although we haven’t met in person, I am walking a path too, and I can rest on my path and chat with you whenever you need.


  2. Thank you Rebecca, for the link and for your offer to lend me your ear when I need it. I book marked the link and will read her blog and look at her videos.
    I wish you a great week!


  3. Olaf

    I am with you on your path and very happy that you feel, you are on a right, on YOUR way.
    Just one thing which came to my mind when I read your posting: Sometimes your subconscious finds ways to message you about your inner conditions….sometimes through illness or sadness and sometimes by being sensitive to messages sent by normal things surrounding you…which you have never really recognised before…a big hug from overseas


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