Christmas is close….

A few days ago there was a thread in the Zibbet hub

It was a challenge, to create a gift card holder. Should I do it? I still can’t knit too much. And after a little thinking I didn’t have a good idea. So I was…naaa, I’ll leave it to someone else….

yeah right, that would not be me. Letting a challenge pass just because the right idea didn’t come right that moment. First I was hunting for some things I had at home, so I could make maybe a set of 6.

So what I came up with was this. Of course I had to paint little mice on there, after I knit a lot of mice.

But I wasn’t satisfied yet, yeah, you can hang them in the tree, or on a wine bottle and they might be cute.

I still didn’t quite feel it. I listed them anyway.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Christmas, Santa,  ….yeah I have red, black and white yarn… didn’t I have a cute star button some where too??

I was on a frantic search. This picture was coming together in my head and I wanted to start right now and get it all worked out. … ah… there the are!

eh… how big is a gift card? oh yeah about as big as a credit card. Hm how many stitches would I need and do I want to attach the legs later ? Na, knit it all in one piece, like that I don’t have to sow so much.

I finished two that night and listed them.      I was happy with my result.  So I went back to the thread in the hub and left a comment there with my picture.  Wow, I sold 4 of them the same evening. That made it worth all the work and my time.  That feeling you get when someone else likes your items just as much as you do, is indescribable.

But I was not done. One costumer had asked if there would be a Mrs. Santa version too? Sure I can try that. So the next day I pulled out my needles again and started a skirt. 

So here they are my two Gift card holders.




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