just a quick stop by

this day does not have enough hours to get everything done.

Run to the post office, grocery shopping, washing clothes, de cluttering the bathroom, folding clothes, putting them away, pay bills, a quick stop at the neighbors, home work, some more cleaning and de cluttering, make meals in between, phone calls. So much stuff I didn’t get done, will have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh wait, I have a dental appointment tomorrow….

oh well, got to get back to finish some of the stuff before I go to bed.

I hope your day was not as hectic as mine.

And for tomorrow I wish that I have a little time to sit down and create.

Good night!


6 thoughts on “just a quick stop by

  1. Ugh, your day sounds like all of mine these past weeks…I’ve been obsessed with “decluttering” which led to cleaning out the garage which lead to the discovery of a leaking pipe which led to having to gut the upstairs bathroom floor…that will be my next blog post if I can find a moment to post it!

    Oh yeah. And laundry and errands. How many times have I run to Target and Home Depot in one day?


    1. oh no, busted pipe no fun. I just put clear tape over our busted window for now, I couldn’t deal with that today. …..
      deep breath and I am hoping for a quiet 1/2 hour when the kiddos are in bed.


    1. I hope you will get your Sarah today ! And a less hectic day too! Mine started with a head ache, not what I was hoping for but hey, it’s here so got to deal with it. Have a wonderful day!


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