what to do with the old

medication that is.

Every time I ask people what they do with their old medication I either get the answer flush it down or throw it in the trash. I am not happy with either answer.

What ever I flush down the toilet will end up in my water and I will be drinking traces of what ever has been flushed. Not a very pleasant idea.

The same with throwing it in the trash it will eventually end up in the earth and then in the water.  So I figured, well maybe I will just go to the drug store and get an answer there. In Germany I had always taken my meds back to the drug store and they took care of disposing it properly.  Here I go packing my few things and walk into one drug store. Patiently waiting till it is my turn and then asking my question nicely if they take old or unused medicine back for proper disposal.

Wrinkles in the forehead “no we actually don’t” turning around to her college ” didn’t we have those envelopes so you could send the medicine some where? ” she asked him. “mumble, mumble” more like don’t bother me with something unimportant like that. Well she did come out and looked for herself if there where any envelopes. “No, sorry, I don’t see them anywhere.” “what kind of meds do you have there. I just know that you are not supposed to flush them down the toilet any more, you know because of the environment!”

My thought was “why do you think I am here” ……

So I said thank you and thought to myself there must be another way. No way I am going to throw this in the regular trash of flush it in our septic tank.

I got online and found this http://www.disposemymeds.org/index.php/pharmacy-locator and yeah, there is one place that would take my meds. I called to make sure they still do.

This website has a lot of information where and why you should bring your medication to a place that knows how to dispose your old stuff. http://www.disposemymeds.org/index.php/environmental-impact

So tomorrow when I run my errands I will stop by the place I found to drop the old meds of and don’t have to worry about that those meds will end up in my water or maybe in my food.



5 thoughts on “what to do with the old

  1. Wow… you would think people in a pharmacy would know more about such things. It’s great to read about the website too. I checked for here, & sadly, I have to go to a town smaller than ours, over 30 miles away. Kinda funny actually. But, I really wish things like this were more well known by the public. and that more people would think to do this. great post!


    1. wow, 30 miles is quite a distance to travel. The place here is about 10 miles and we really don’t use a lot of meds anyway so this trip will be not a regular one.
      Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Yes, it is kinda far. But we dont use hardly any either, only if we get them for some off the wall serious need. Neither hubby nor I are on any kind of regular meds. But, I wanted to know so I could pass the info along to others as well.


  2. This is such a great reminder. I think people assume flushed means GONE, but it is anything but. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn the huge increases in a variety of disorders are related to long-term, low level drug exposure via water supply.


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