hay ride on a Saturday afternoon

It was a nice and sunny afternoon and we had an appointment at 4 pm at the Christmas tree hill-top, for a hay ride with a bonfire and smores after.

Sounds like fun?

Yes it was. It was just right, it had a little nip in the air but not enough to need a jacket yet.  So after some chit-chat we got on two tractors and off we went into the woods.The kids had a ton of fun and soon they where all throwing hay at each other and they started to look like scare crows. We saw some “monsters” on the way.

Through the Christmas Trees we went .And I learned that they have to be trimmed twice a year so they will have a nice shape when you are ready to get your tree.

And then we went and made some smores . Can you tell, the fire was a little hot .

But they where yummy and that is all that mattered.

We had a wonderful Saturday. How about you?



6 thoughts on “hay ride on a Saturday afternoon

  1. oh, it was a perfect fall day today, wasn’t it? We didn’t get to do the hayride fun, but I had each boy with a friend over, and when I looked out the window, all four had climbed to the top of this precarious pine tree…reminded me of these baby raccoons last summer that hung out in our lilac tree. Glad you had a great day!


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