do you still use pen and paper and write things down?

My  oldest is not so much into creating with her hands, she loves making up stories and writing them either on a piece of paper or in her journal. Last night she made a power point story for her little sibling.  It was about cheetahs and it was very well written and illustrated with pictures she had found on the net.

When I was younger the PC was just coming into homes and it was mostly still the one with the green screen. So I used to write a lot of long letters to my friends, pages over pages. So sad we don’t do that any more. My heart still skips a beat when I get handwritten mail in my box, not only bills. It is so exciting, the anticipation what will be in the letter, what will it say, what kind of paper.

I still have some of the Paper that I used to write my letter on, sentimental? yes I am I don’t wont to let it go. May be I have to sit down and follow my daughters example and start writing again, well at least to my friends.

That made me look up some shops on Zibbet, to see if there is still anyone selling special paper. And this is what I found:

A felted Journal 

your own personalized stationary 

some ecofriendly stationary 

you can find some upcycled envelopes like these 

hand embroidered cards 

and a big amount of photo cards with or without quotes

and then you need the perfect pen for your wonderful penmanship.

you can find the classic fountain pen   duct tape pens  or some pens with beads  now all you have to do is pick up the pen, get out some paper and envelope and start writing.

I think that will be on my “change” list for the new year, get back into writing letters. Yes emailing or texting goes faster, but the meaning and feelings kind of get lost in the fast life we live every day. And I would like to stop here and there, sit down with a nice cup of tea and read a letter. Knowing that this person sat down took his/ her time and put his/ her thoughts to paper and concentrated just on me for a little while.


8 thoughts on “writing

  1. I LOVE getting letters in the mail!
    I try to send them still sometimes too.
    I have some old cards my mother collected (she was a paper hoarder) and I am trying to use those before I buy some more, but you found some awesome stuff!


    1. I might just have to sit down today and start. I got all our christmas cards ready for this year a few days ago!!
      How is your plans/ agreement coming along? getting your list worked off?
      Have a great day Rebecca!


  2. Fabulous post! I love getting a letter. It has been a long time since one has come for me. I never write any myself, though, so why would I get one. I am going to write a letter for my daughter today, I miss her so much. Thanks for the incentive!


  3. I miss this too and really enjoy writing out Christmas cards since it seems to be the only old fashioned thing I do anymore! The felted journal is so sweet!


    1. it is beautiful work, that journal. I just visited you shop….will have to snoop through it a little more, when I get a quiet moment.
      Have a wonderful day, Val.


  4. yes it is!!! Glad there are still some people who treasure it. I just found some letters I wrote the other day, from when I was ten.
    So I really have to get back into writing!


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