got some things done….

even though with a sick kiddo in the house.

The last few days where very long and painful for me, as my little one was running a fever of 104.5 F and I couldn’t get it down. I tried all kinds of home remedies but did give kiddo a motrin in the end. It didn’t bring the fever down more than 1 degree, but at least it got us a little sleep. It was off an on, but some shut-eye.

The next day I went to Urgent Care with the sick kid, the fever was still so high that it scared me. Oh boy, we spent 6 hours there. The fever went down after she had gotten some meds but boy was she sweating away. Her and I where wet just sitting there waiting for our turn to see the doc.

Well we got home and both went to bed to try to get some snoozes in. Not much that night either. While I was sitting or laying with her I finally started the “skunk” she had asked me for so long. And I managed to finish it. Her name is “Flower”.
I also had to finish a custom order of Stethoscope cozy’s.  How I managed to squeeze those in and finish them is still a riddle to me. But I did and I really love the colors of them. I am waiting to hear from the costumer to have the ok, so I can send them out.

Then just this afternoon I read an article about how to use FB to get more fans, keep them interested, have a landing page and so on.

Guess what I did? yeah I created a Facebook landing page. And believe me I have no clue what the difference between HTML and the other stuff is. But I found a page where I didn’t need to know all that. And I was done within under 20 min. This is how it looks like .

Now it is nearly 10pm again and I am really in need of some shut-eye time.

I hope you all have a wonderful last weekend of October 2011.


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